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GregTech Ports Suggestions, Questions, Addons and such for Ports of GregTech like GT5U. GregTech 6 Suggestions, Questions, Addons and such for GregTech-6.
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:gregorius: Greetings, this Thread is meant to contain the Links to GT5U, an unofficial but approved Port of GregTech-5. IC2 Forum Thread: https://forum.industrial-craft.net/thread/11488 Discord Channel: https://discor…

GregTech Community Edition for 1.12.2 [GregTech Ports] (4)
GregTech-6 Main Thread ( 2 ) [GregTech 6] (21)

Welcome to the GregTech-6 Main Topic! Topics about GT6 for Suggestions, Bugs and Support can be posted over HERE Downloads for any other Version can be found HERE. And the old GT6 Topic on the IC2 Forums can be fou…

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