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Ever wanted to play GT5 and GT6 at the same time?

Well now you can do exactly that! With this copy of GregTech 5 Unofficial, you can load GT6 at the same time! Now you can enjoy GT5u’s endgame and GT6’s earlygame! I mostly did this as an experiment to see if this was po…

11 October 6, 2018
[Mod] Modified GT6 version that works with GT5u and addons

Gregtech6 for Gregtech5 Unofficial I had a impact on this topic but sadly it doesn't work with GT5u addons. Now I escaped all package such as "package gregtech" to "package gregtech6" and it works with GT5u. Attentio…

15 February 2, 2019
GregTech Community Edition for 1.12.2

GTCE is a port of GT5u that aims to keep the idea and features alive. This port is for 1.12.2 and newer versions of Minecraft. This forum is not for discussing this version as it has nothing to do with GT6, but in case y…

5 August 12, 2018
Links to GT5U by the Team of BloodAsp

:gregorius: Greetings, this Thread is meant to contain the Links to GT5U, an unofficial but approved Port of GregTech-5. IC2 Forum Thread: https://forum.industrial-craft.net/thread/11488 Discord Channel: https://discor…

2 July 30, 2018
About: GregTech Ports 2 July 22, 2018
Gregtech 5 unofficial vs Gregtech 6 8 May 24, 2019