A stainless problem


How to obtain the very first chromium and manganese for my very first stainless steel without finding a dungeon? Dungeons in Minecraft are optional, to my mind.

(Gregorius Techneticies) #2

Try making a Sluice, that should give you something you can Centrifuge for Chrome.


I guess dungeons are optional but looking for ore veins isn’t and given the probability of some veins, chances are you’ll find plenty of dungeons either way. That said chrome is totally accessible in early game (basalt vein with reasonably probability) it requires a quality 2 tool to mine and you can process it inefficiently in a crucible for early game chrome. Manganese is tough in the early game and dungeons are honestly your best bet ,other methods require infrastructure. If you however refuse to go dungeoning or have disabled them i suppose, you can’t produce gray vitriol because you can’t bath ores in sulfuric acid without a stainless steel bath and you cant produce sulfuric acid either i think, so you have the following options: Make a sluice to get sluice juice -> dry the sluice juice to get sluice sand -> make a low tier magnetic separator and electric dynamo -> magnetically separate manganese from the sluice sand. Alternatively you have to electrolyze tantalite but i think if you can’t find manganese your odds of having platinum to spare are slim.

Edit: I am again retarded, you can find pyrolusite from various sources in a vein pure form or from spessartine/pyrope vein. You can get it from washing numerous ores, tantalite, tungsten ores, and so forth just look for purified pyrolusite ore in NEI. Pyrolusite can be inefficiently processed in a crucible to produce your first manganese.

TL;DR find a dungeon mate it’ll make your life 10 times easier.


I have some more questions. How do bumblebees and recipe overclocking work?


Haven’t touched his bees.

Overclocking: Overclocking depends on 2 things tier of the machine and minimum GU/t of the recipe. If a recipe requires 48 GU/t to run this is the minimum energy that you must supply in order to produce the recipe and lets say the recipe costs 1k GU, you can then use a low tier (16-64GU machine) if you supply less than 48GU/t the recipe will not start. If you try to run this same recipe in a machine which has minimum energy input higher than GU/t required by the recipe, then the overclocking penalty kicks in.

The overclocking penalty does 2 things:

  1. Increases the minimum energy requirement to run the recipe 4 fold per overclocking penalty
  2. Increases the total energy required to produce the recipe by a factor of 2.

So for the example above a MV tier machine (64-256) will need 192GU/t at minimum to start the recipe that originally required an input of 48GU/t and the cost of the recipe will be 2k GU. This is scaleable so a HV tier machine (256-1024) will require 768GU/t to run the recipe and the recipe will cost 4k GU.

Naturally your MV (64-256) tier machines won’t be overclock penalized for running a recipe that requires 64-256GU/t at minimum to run only machines of tiers higher than the recipe requirement will be overclocked.

You can supply any amount of energy above the threshold value of the recipe to speed up the process, IE. for 16GU/t recipes in a low tier machine (16-64) if you supply 64GU/t it will simply be 4x faster and then of course if you want to go faster than that you get punished, that is if you want to supply 16x the recipe threshold you will only get 8x the speed.

Edit: Machines with the tooltip “Can be overclocked without additional energy loss” means that as long as you’re above the threshold value of the recipe you can supply any amount of additional energy that the machine allows without any overclock penalties applying. E.g. if you supply the large crusher (which has an inherent 50% efficiency) with 4096RU/t it will speed up any 16GU/t recipe by a factor of 128 ((4096/16) * 0.5) as opposed to a factor of 32 in a regular crusher supplied with 4096RU/t (4096/16)*0.5^3) due to 3 overclocking penalties.

Hope this helps.

(Donzil Zenovka) #6

What processing does Chromite require? Can that be processed early for chromium?


Ideally you want to bath it in sulfuric acid for maximum chromite output and then proceed to electrolyze the chromite in dust form as well as the green vitriol for additional iron. In early game you can simply use the crucible: 1.25 chromite -> 0.25 chromium. image

(Donzil Zenovka) #8

Right but still, inefficient chromium production is still chromium.