About Energy suggestion


Unlike GT5, many machines have power versions. In GT6, machines need more energy. I often use electricity to convert energy in the middle and later stages. But GT6 generates too little electricity without large generators and turbines, and EU comes from a single source, which makes me feel underpowered when I electrify the machine! EU can only be obtained through HU-SU-RU-EU. Perhaps more power generation methods should be added to GT6! For example, solar panels, water turbines, wind turbines, and nuclear power, which are more high-tech power generation methods! In fact, these are still controlled by other MOD!

(Gregorius Techneticies) #2

Solar Panels are in GT6, just so you know. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m looking forward to adding GT6 to produce a lot of cool EU XD

(dnk1234567) #4

At present, in the global primary energy consumption, oil accounts for 32.9%, natural gas accounts for 23.8% of primary energy consumption, coal accounts for 29.2%, nuclear energy accounts for 4.4%, and waterpower accounts for 6.8%.Renewable energy accounts for 2.8% of global energy consumption.
Cars rely on oil, and natural gas is more convenient in life, they lead to a large proportion of the two.In fact,the global power is mainly based on coal firepower.
I think the nuclear power(fission or fusion) is needed because they can provide power cheaply,effectively,also cleanly.Though they are big and expensive.
Renewable energy generation is really too small, but if it is scaled, they are also a good source of electricity.In Minecraft, renewable energy is always associated with large scale and automation.It’s really troublesome to get those precious EUs.IC2’s wind kinetic energy systems are so high-output, cheap and easy to manage that they really break the balance.
As we all know,The GT’s solar power is expensive.When it facing the other mods,like Advanced Solar Panel,it seems so weak.
So new renewable energy system needs to be designed.

(Donzil Zenovka) #5

I think it is more a case of the other systems not being implemented yet. I doubt it was Greg’s intention to run everything off a burning box forever.