About GT6 Explosion

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The machine explosion of GT6 is important.But the impact of the explosion may be too great.
Explosion is necessary.But destroying the machine itself may be better for me.
Can you add explosion switch or explosion size setting?

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Shut up
no explosion no happy!

(ProperSAMA) #3

That’s why I say “add explosion switch or explosion size setting”.There’s always someone who likes to explode.

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As far as I know
Independent bomb defense capabilities are already being developed
And it will be sent to you

Don’t bother sitting

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If there would no explosions, it would be not interesting. You need to do some calculations before making a factory or sth else.

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Added Configs to make it possible. Closing this therefore.

(ProperSAMA) #9

I just tried version 6.10.16 and saw something new in config/gregtech/gregtech.cfg.It seems to be divided into “break” and “explode”.
I can’t understand what each part does.
What should I do if I only want to destroy the machine itself?

I tried many times. Including setting break to true and explode to false.Setting break to false and explode to true.Set all to true and all to false.But none of them worked.

In addition, I noticed a phenomenon.When a steam boiler explodes, the damage block is incomplete.
Like this:

I can see his edge clearly.Should it be like this?

(Gregorius Techneticies) #10
  1. Boilers and Crucibles aren’t affected by this Config as mentioned in the Changelog, this is purely for when you insert the wrong voltage into a Machine and similar overcharge cases.
  2. Break = Only Machine, Explode = Explode. So Break True, Explode False.
  3. Yeah Boilers shouldn’t leave such an obvious Corner when exploding, I’m gonna fix that I hope.

(ProperSAMA) #11

It works!Thanks for your reply.:smile: