About GT6 Machine Recipe Edit

(ProperSAMA) #1

When I delete GT6 machine recipe with “config/recipe”,some problems have been found.
The recipe for crusher and shredder has been turned off by setting the number to 0.(Like “I:“crushedAlexandrite;_864”=0”.I did the same with other machines.)
Although these recipe are no longer possible when the machine is actually used.But it will still be shown in NEI.
Currently, only crusher and shredder recipe are found to be in this situation.
This may cause some trouble for players.What should I do?

(Gregorius Techneticies) #2

Give them the Config File? That might be the Solution, but unsure. (ofcourse it could be a bug in which case I would fix it)

(ProperSAMA) #3

I may not understand what you mean…
Should I add a config to every item that is still displayed in NEI?
I added a line like this:I:“chemtubeQuartzSand;_115”=0
When I queried the recipe again, the recipe was still displayed in NEI.
And even if it works, the number is too large.(I’ve shown nearly 50,000 recipes here.)
This may be a little difficult for an ordinary human being…


Could sync the config file over to clients on join and update the needed data in the game?

(Gregorius Techneticies) #5

That would be a gigantic Lagspike that kicks you from the Server, overmind.

Wait are you complaining about removed things still being there or about the sheer quantity of things you need to manually disable?


You don’t need to synch ‘quite’ everything on the first tick. :wink:

Besides, if you simply apply a set of difference operations based on what changed in the configs (you don’t need to rebuild it all!) then it should take barely a fraction of a second.

(ProperSAMA) #7

Removed things still being there.My English is poor,sorry.

(Gregorius Techneticies) #8

Are they still there in Singleplayer or are they only there when you join a Multiplayer World?

If it is the Multiplayer thing then give your Users the Config Files on your Server. That is what I meant.

(ProperSAMA) #9

I tested it in a Singleplayer.

(Gregorius Techneticies) #10

Okay then there is a bug somewhere, and since its crusher and shredder only I know exactly what kinda bug that is… gah I guess I need to improve the RecipeMapHandler system, instead of hardcoding it into the Crusher and Shredder.

(ProperSAMA) #11

Questions about the previous dungeon treasure chest:
You said before that you would add a switch for GT6 items to the config file.
I think it may not be enough just to add a config to disable GT6 loot…
In that case,I may not be able to modify other items in the dungeon treasure chest.

(Gregorius Techneticies) #12

Oh those can definitely be MineTweakered, its just the GT ones that might make Issues.

Also I did the thing for the Crusher (not the Shredder yet) is in that Version. So you can test the Crusher and the Dungeon Loot Config with that. ^^

(ProperSAMA) #13

It works!Now I can’t see the deleted recipe in Crusher.
Dungeon Loot Config is also available.But I still can’t modify it in MineTweaker.

(Gregorius Techneticies) #14

Well now that I did the Shredder too, for the OreDict Prefix Stuff at least, I can mark this as solved finally. ^^

Also I am pretty sure that if I added a config to just disable all Dungeon Loot the System might crash. Its not a very stable System.

(ProperSAMA) #15

Glad to hear that!
So when can I download this version?I can only see version 6.10.12 downloaded.

About Dungeon Loot,I still want to edit with MineTweker.
Maybe you misunderstood it…I don’t think GT6 needs to provide the ability to modify all Dungeon Loots.Is enough just make MineTweaker available.
I just want to use MineTweaker to remove the metal from Dungeon Loot.
Maybe something else could be added to Dungeon Loot? I haven’t decided yet.

(Gregorius Techneticies) #16

That Secret Download Page I linked pretty much contains all Work-In-Progress that exists for GT6, the Link always updates whenever I work on it. Though the Release should be later today anyways.

And I thought you said “MineTweaker cannot do Dungeon Loot”, that’s why I was confused.

(ProperSAMA) #17

It can. But when MineTweaker and GT6 are installed at the same time, the original valid MineTweaker Dungeon Loot configuration can cause errors.And I sent MineTweaker’s error log on previous topics.
I’ve tried to be as clear as I can.It’s really important to master a foreign language.:sweat_smile:

For security,Instead of using Secret Download Page, I will wait for the new version to be released.

Here’s what happened after testing the new version:

There may still be some problems.
This is the result of my previous incomplete testing…I’m sorry for the trouble.

First, when search Shredder’s entire recipe directly using NEI, really don’t show those that have been turned off.This is effective.
But when I go to search about the use of items (such us the use of iron ingots, use of U keys on iron ingots, you understand).Those recipe will still show up.

It is not displayed when inquiring all shredder recipes,but when I go to search about the use of items,Those recipe will still show up.In short like this.

Secondly, I probably didn’t turn off the recipes smoothly.Although it is not currently shown in NEI, it is still available.
After installing OmniOcular, I realized that it was a silly mistake that the machine didn’t work before simply because I didn’t provide enough energy.
Maybe I should have found out earlier.There are only more than 2,000 Configs.But there are actually more than 40,000 in the game.The number is clearly unequal.I’m sorry for my mistake.

In addition, I tried to delete a recipe by adding an incorrect recipe.
For example, a formula requiring 8192RU/t is added to the shredder.I thought this new recipe would replace the old one.Because after I did this, the NEI no longer showed the old recipe.(Only 6.10.10 is not shown, 6.10.13 is still displayed.)
Today I actually tested it.It was found that even if not shown in NEI, the recipe was still valid.

Last, MineTweaker still cannot modify Dungeon Loot when both GT6 and MineTweaker are installed at the same time.

Again, I’m sorry for my negligence.

(Gregorius Techneticies) #18

So correct me if I am wrong:

Somehow disabled Recipes are still visible when looking up usages. Are those “disabled but still visible Recipes” also still usable in the Shredder?

And if you add Recipes, is it the newly added ones or the old removed ones that have visibility problems in NEI? And will the newly added Recipes work properly?

(ProperSAMA) #19

This time I think I’ve done enough tests to answer your questions.
About your first question:
When looking for usage, the banned recipe is visible.Those recipes are still available.Your description is correct.
In version 6.10.13,When inquiring all the recipe of shredder in NEI,Only recipes/shredder.cfg recipes will be displayed(About 3000 species).In version 6.10.10,It will show all the recipes.(About 50,000 species)
These recipes are available regardless of whether they are displayed or not.

About your second question:
I’ll add a new recipe.I’m sure GT6 didn’t have these recipes.They can work properly.

(Gregorius Techneticies) #20

Yeah 6.10.13 might end up showing less Recipes in NEI overall since it generates a lot of them on the fly whenever they are needed because Lag and RAM usage.

And adding Recipes should work just fine in 6.10.13 as far as I know.