Add more High Tech Content


(Gregorius Techneticies) #21

Yeah I wanted to add higher Tier Burning Boxes for a while, specifically of the Type that needs Electrics or a Fluidized Bed to work.

(Mr.CHEN) #22

Will you add a machine to extract QU from the zero point module in the future? Now the ZPM is temporarily useless, because the QU inside can not be taken out…
And will you add a machine that converts QU to EU? If so, I think its voltage should be in ZPM tier.
By the way, high-tech things like quadcore processor units should have more sci-fi-style textures, such as computer screens, tortuous bright stripes, circuit runes, etc., instead of putting processor patterns directly on the casing, which looks like laziness, especially if these surfaces are exposed to the outside of the structure in the future. Maybe you should watch more science fiction movies and other high-tech mods. GT series texture is too ugly has been criticized by players, I hope it will be improved in the future.

(Donzil Zenovka) #23

:rofl: Yes Greg don’t be lazy. Watch more sci-fi, we need bright colors.

(Gregorius Techneticies) #24

Hey I was actually trying to find a texture that fits to the Processor Units! And I cant just use Monitors as Textures for those, that’s what Monitors would be used for, or actually the Core of the Multiblock would have the Monitor, since that is the Part that would have the GUI!

(Mr.CHEN) #25

Maybe you should use the texture of the screen on one side, and the texture of the circuit stripe + metal background + a “core” in the middle. The color of the side is the same as that of the processor. As for the versatile processor, one color can be used in each quadrant.

Also, graphene is currently not available in the survival mode, leading not to of the most advanced turbines to crafting, which way will it be obtained in the future?

EDIT:I drew textures of some quadcore processor units, including screens and others.In order to look better, I used 32x32 size, because they will not be used in large quantities, so it will not cause too much rendering delay. The background used a more technological dark blue-grey, which can better foil the light stripes. I think it’s cool. :wink: @Gregorius

Control_Quadcore_Processor_Unit Control_Quadcore_Processor_Unit_Screen Conversion_Quadcore_Processor_Unit Conversion_Quadcore_Processor_Unit_Screen Logic_Quadcore_Processor_Unit Logic_Quadcore_Processor_Unit_Screen Storage_Quadcore_Processor_Unit Storage_Quadcore_Processor_Unit_Screen Versatile_Quadcore_Processor_Unit Versatile_Quadcore_Processor_Unit_Screen