And Article 13 tries to show up before EU elections again

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Did I mention that this law would fuck over Patreon royally? This is just bullshit…

Just WHY?! Germany and France…

Also THIS is a thing too now…

(Donzil Zenovka) #2

What happens to a company if it doesn’t follow article 13?

What if the majority of companies just decided it would be too expensive to change. Would they all be punished? When it comes to cost companies can be terribly reluctant to change…

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Well big Companies like Google and Facebook will definitely be punished, and we already have GEMA in Germany, and believe me when I say that all public places that COULD play Music or have a TV (even if they dont at all) have to prove their innocence instead of GEMA having to prove them guilty. It is horrible, and for some reason not illegal even though it violates the Constitution.

And the GEMA does go even after the smallest of Businesses here, including individual Busses (yes those large Cars that transport people!). My Mom who once was a Traveling Agent and Bus Assistant (or whatever the latter was called), got stopped and checked by GEMA people multiple times

So you can guess how that will work out on the internet, where no physical human labor is required for Copyright strikes at all!

I really hope that non-profits wont ever be fucked by this law, so that way I can at least keep this Website up, even if Patreon in Europe dies from this Law since I am not in desperate need of Money, unlike many other Creators.

(Donzil Zenovka) #4

hm, GEMA is so bureaucratic it sounds like a satirical take on copyright law.

If Article 13 is announced following the points that the Franco-German deal puts forth, would that turn all forums into something akin to Final Fantasy XI’s translation system, where you can only respond via predetermined phrases?

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I am not sure about that one, but Article 11 might cause that particular thing.

The real issue for me is the wording of “<10 million turnover and <3 years old but making profit” I do not know if the 3 year part applying to non-profits or not, because the turnover part can imply that its the part covering the non-profits…

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That first one doesn’t sit right with me, Available to the public for less than 3 years

What does that mean exactly, that one would need to prove they would only be available for less than 3 years, or that they have only been around for less than three years?

And as the rules state a company must fit ALL three criteria what happens after three years?
Do they immediately start hosting illegal content and are subjected to the law or is there a grace period to add filters? How long and are there exceptions or extensions to this deadline?
What if the company loses turnover and drops below €10 Million?

How do you enforce something like the internet anyway. The EU isn’t one body it’s a many bodied system of different versions and varieties.

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Or what if a Company creates a Daughter Company that lets say, ONLY hosts the Stuff for up to 3 years and then they sell their domain to yet another Daughter Company to continue the same Stuff over and over, and ofcourse the Daughter Company does not have any good turnover that would make it susceptible to that Law, because they made a “fake deal” with their Parent Company to have all Ad Revenue go to the Parent except for a small Amount needed for hosting Stuff on a Server in the first place.

This shit can be cheesed as hell by actual Piracy Websites.

(Donzil Zenovka) #8

Yes, this exactly.

Its practically guaranteed that companies that can afford to will find loopholes to get out of this and smaller ones will do their best to wheedle their way around using grey areas.

It’ll be like trying to herd cats, mark my words.

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Small Update on this horrible thing…

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This is by far the worst Version they could come up with…

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I just realised, this affects Online Shops too, since Customer Reviews are ALSO Comments that would need to be monitored. And I am unsure but I think with this current Version of it, Wikipedia and Repositories and Stuff would also be affected again, since they seem to have removed all the exceptions for those. This is really illegalizing the entirety of the free Internet except for Google and Facebook, who both have some sort of Content ID themselves…

I really hope they stop this bullshit today, I do not want to wait until the National Governments get to vote on it in March/April, I’m already feeling shitty enough about all of this as is…

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