Are GT dungeons OP?


(Shameless Duck) #1

I recently made a modpack focused on full hardcore tech&magic, and when i created a world to play in I stumbled upon a lot of those dungeons. In them I found basically infinite supply of steel, bronze, stainless steel and so on. It struck me as a really OP thing because i basically would be able to skip great deal of early game including mining and smelting. I thought it was strange since GT for me is a mod that is supposed to make your life really difficult in terms of making mechanisms and everything else. And so I wanted to know if this dungeon thing wasn’t suppose to happen. Sadly, GT community seems to be very small and there’s not a lot of guides, discussions and overall content, so i couldn’t find any answers. Could you tell me if i’m correct with notion that GT dungeons are extremely OP? And what can i do to not exclude them at all while not having to worry about giving myself a big boost from the start?
P.S. to put things into perspective, in first dungeon I found there was a mass storage with about 80k steel inside, couple of stacks of bronze and stainless steel in crates and some machines. Also, i play on 1.7.10 with GT6

(Gregorius Techneticies) #2

Yes they are rather OP, but not as extremely as you might think. Sure you can skip a little bit of Tech but they dont have THAT much material even if it seems like a ton.

You can always disable them in the Configs, or just decrease the probability of them (by increasing the probability number since 1 = always, 2 = 50%, 3 = 33% 4 = 25% etc).

Also what the fuck, are you sure its 80K worth of STEEL?!?! And not 80K worth of whatever Stone the thing was made of?

(Shameless Duck) #3

I actually didn’t pay much attention to the exact number but it sure was about 4-5 digits. And I’m sure it was proper steel. Me and my friend decided to just delete it, and leave it at that. Unfortunately we didn’t screenshot it. For that reason, just to double check myself i made a copy of this world and found that same dungeon just to prove my point. And what do you know, there was, as you said, a mass storage of stone. I can’t really say that my memory is crap, but even with my friend as a witness, without visual confirm i talk shit. So either my world gen is strange or i talk bullshit. Anyway, thanks for your answer, sorry to scare the shit out of you with that statement (80k steel). I’ll try to find a screenshot (maybe there is one and i just don’t remember) and i’ll try to find that kind of mass storage bug i was talking about.

(Gregorius Techneticies) #4

Let me guess the Mass Storage itself is made out of Steel and you thought the Material it was made of was actually its content? XD

(Shameless Duck) #5

Oh, no, I can assure you i can read tooltips and see, that giant picture on the front of mass storage. Anyway, I might’ve found some steel ingots in chests nearby and see that 80k number on mass storage, which then combined in my mind.