Autoclave safety



Until recently, my strategy for not overloading the autoclave was just to throw more bauxite at it than could be processed with the fuel contained in one drum of propane. However, I’m now running the system off of the base’s main fuel line, which has access to ~30 million litres of propane. I’m looking for a way to shut off the burning box once the autoclave steam level exceeds a specified maximum, but I can’t find any way to measure it - neither the Gibbl-O-Meter or the Bucket-O-Meter show anything other than zero. What should I be using? And at what level does the autoclave explode if overloaded?

(Gregorius Techneticies) #2

Autoclave wont explode from too much Steam so just fill it at max if you want.

Now for detection, that could be more difficult. It might only work for output fluid slots, but I think I can fix that MAYBE.


Ah, ok. So I can safely wait until the pipe backs up and measure the pressure in the boiler, and use that as the cut-off signal?

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Yep, that would work


Thanks - running now.