BuildCraft Robot can't use GT6 Tools


(茶壶 小) #1

I found BC robot can only use the vanilla tool whose durability is very low due to GT6’s edit.
Hope BC robot can use GT6’s tool in the future.

(Gregorius Techneticies) #2

Hrrm that is complicated, GT6 Tools work way different with their Durability. Also I didn’t know BC Robots used Tools and such directly (never really used the BC Robot Stuff myself). Is there a Config for BC that allows them to do their Job without using tools?

(茶壶 小) #3

No, I have seen it many times.
BC Robot can use ic2’s electric saw and drill (although I don’t know if BC added or ic2 added) or other mod’s tool except GT6’s tool btw.

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Added this Report to the newly created “Later” Category for Bugs that should be fixed “eventually”, once I find time to actually do proper Research into the Issue (because I am not a BuildCraft User at all).

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thanks for replying!:smiley:


From what i have seen in the AI it is checking if the damge >= maxDamage.
Also it is calling onBlockDestroyed from the Item before doing that check (with the robot class being the entity)
So yeah thats a thing^^

(Gregorius Techneticies) #11

Oh that means it would still use up custom durability, but it would check damage the wrong way.