Burning box and Math


How to count, how much fuel I need to smelt something.
I know that 1 HU is needed to heat 100 kg at 1 K.
But: 1) What are fuel HU values at 100 o/o efficiency(coal, lignite, wood, charcoal, coke)?
2) What is efficiency? A lead burning box is 50% efficient. Should I think that if I burn there a fuel with 1000 HU potential, my crucible gets 500 HU at 16 HU/t?

(Gregorius Techneticies) #2

( (Weight-of-Items plus Weight-of-Crucible) multiplied with (Target Temperature minus Environment or Current Temperature) ) divided by (500000 times the Burning-Box-Efficiency in Percent)

quoted from https://gregtech.overminddl1.com/1.7.10/earlygame/

The “times Efficiency in percent” means multiply with a number between 0 and 1, so 1 for 100% and 0.5 for 50%

And the Fuel Value its 5000 HU per Smelting Process the Fuel would give in a Furnace, so 2500 HU for a Sapling or 40000 HU for a piece of Coal. Note that the above Formula already factors in the Furnace Value.