Carbon Trioxide?what?


(Mr.CHEN) #1

I found that the recipe of electrolyzing molten magnesium carbonate produces carbon trioxide… What? Carbon trioxide does exist, but it is very unstable. It will decompose into carbon dioxide and oxygen very quickly. Carbon trioxide may be produced in the negative pole of electrolytic carbonate, but it will decompose very quickly. It can not exist stably. Moreover, carbon trioxide is useless in GT, so I don’t know why it’s added…

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(Gregorius Techneticies) #3

It was added because it exists. Very easy reason.

(dnk1234567) #4

MgCO3 is a substance that is easily decomposed by heat. So how to get molten MgCO3?

(Gregorius Techneticies) #5

What do you need molten MgCO3 for?

(Laurynas Liutkus) #6

Which MgCO3 ? There is magnesite (natural mineral) and there is magnesium carbonate (Mg + CO2 + Water in a mixer).

(Donzil Zenovka) #7

I seem to recall using molten Magnesium carbonate in a burner mixer for preparation of pure sodium for titanium refinement. perhaps that’s what they mean?

Or was that calcium carbonate…:face_with_raised_eyebrow: