Conception of Extracting Gold by Gold Cyanidation

Conception of Extracting Gold by Gold Cyanidation

Today I saw the process of gold extraction with cyanide… This method is very dangerous because cyanide is very toxic, but this method is also useful in a certain range, so I think this method can also be used in GT…
To extract gold from cyanide, you first need to prepare cyanide (usually sodium/potassium cyanide):
Formic acid reacts with ammonia to produce ammonium formate (which means you have to have an ammonia synthesis process)
Ammonium formate reacts with phosphorus pentoxide and dehydrates to produce phosphoric acid and hydrogen cyanide (be careful of poisoning! )
3 HCOONH4+ 2 P2O5 = 4 H3PO4 + 3 HCN↑
Reaction of Hydrogen Cyanide with Sodium/Potassium Hydroxide to Get Sodium/Potassium Cyanide
HCN + Na(K)OH = Na(K)CN+ H2O
Then gold-bearing ores are reacted with cyanide solution and oxygen to obtain sodium/potassium dicyanoaurate and sodium/potassium hydroxide:
4 Au + 8 Na(K)CN + O2 + 2 H2O = 4 Na(K)[Au(CN)2] + 4 Na(K)OH
Finally, gold is obtained by reducing sodium/potassium dicyanoaurate with zinc.
Zn + 2 Na(K)[Au(CN)2] = 2 Au + Na(K)2[Zn(CN)4]
The minerals that may be used in this way are gold, pyrite or other minerals containing trace amounts of gold (yes, you can extract real gold from false gold! ) As well as sluice juice, there are too much sluice juice produced by large sluice that large centrifuge can not handle it. I think the sluice juice may contain trace gold…


Just bringing up the well known fact that small amounts of hydrogen cyanide can be found in apples.
Just throwing that out there. :smirk:


Yeah suuuuuure that is tooooootally enough to work with Gold Processing, how many Apples would that need? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Treating gold with apples? It looks interesting. But the fact that a ton of apples contains cyanide is not enough to deal with gold ores… So it is better to synthesize multiblock from ammonia. In addition to ammonium formate dehydration, methane, ammonia and oxygen are co-heated and ammonia reacts with carbon at high temperatures. Anyway, ammonia can’t be bypassed.
Also, when it comes to many aspects, large fermenter are good, at least enough methane can be produced to keep gas turbines running, but considering that fermentation requires constant temperature, too much HU input seems inappropriate…


Gold’s chemical properties are very stable.So accidentally there is a big gold nugget in nature.But for most ores, the gold content is not high enough.So we need to enrich gold.

The main way to enrich is to generate stable Au(III) coordination complex.The current industrialization method is to use cyanide ions.(CN-) There are also methods of using thiourea.(NH2CSNH2)

Then replace the gold with a lively metal such as zinc.

But in minecraft, the usages of gold is not as many as its usages in real life.Besides,other mods,like TE,have many simpler and cheaper gold ore processing methods.:thinking:





Then 魔了他 change that recipes