Custom Ore Gen: COG and Gregtech 6 Worldgen Config Files

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This is essentially a channel mostly for config files whether of Gregtech worldgen or of the customoregen one im a bit desperately trying to figure out the later and gregtech’s config is starting to freak me out as i have lost track of dimension customization among other things that i used to know about well from previous versions

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I’ve been testing GTCE and GT6 recently after a long hiatus (im not sure if you remember old emp had III from the IC2 forums. Although i will admit GTCE is a joke i will admit that there is one thing i like that it does better im not sure how they do it but it seems they made their system able to use more than 4 ore viens per vein type, and then i experimented with customoregen and it does that but it creates a different problem (small veins for GT ores) Is it possible to get the best of both worlds aka through either a worldgen option (more slots) or perhaps a bit of help on the custom ore gen to make it more sane that you would advise. Ive been here since the fusion reactors of GT4 always suggesting? Anyways im also confused on how to customize the dimensions of ores/custom ores which seemed far easier in the old days

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Ore Generation has become much more complicated since you last suggested changes to it. At least for the Overworld, where the Rock Layer Generator is in effect. You can still control the old type Worldgen with the Configs, but the new Rock Layer Generator is quite a bit more complicated and not really configurable apart from turning the whole thing ON/OFF.

The Reason for the Rock Layer Generator being not configurable itself is because I couldn’t figure out how to turn its functionality into a Config at all.

As for the older Ore Gen Type from back in GT5, that is still configurable just like before.

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i was asking mostly as well about whether or not an ore will generate in a dimension or not. That was my primary Concern (most notably i use metallurgy 4 so a lot of them are dimension specific that was my main question there. I’m also very curious with the idea of adding 4+ slots to existing ore veins because i saw how GTCE can actually do it if you mess with the config and knowing that custom ore gen does that for pffa and i think they do that for Gregtech as well (Azurite kept showing up in a banded iron/ Y/B limonite, Malachite vein legit everywhere an option to potentially work with this perhaps with a percentile based system (just testing the version) seems like it could really work well

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It should still be possible to make the Custom Ore Slots apply to specific Dimensions, even though a little bit more complicated. The Config with the boolean for each Dimension will only show up once the World Generator actually generates an Ore in there, but you can then copy the Line for that Dimension into another Config to make it work that way if you know how.

And as I said the old Ore Generator with those 4 Ore Types per Vein is outdated and only exists in Dimensions other than the Overworld. I am not gonna do anything with the Old Stuff. It is just “there”.

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thanks for the clarification im glad that was sorted out… is there a way to get the list of ores with each environment in the new one now i understand whats going on

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There you go.

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honestly ive looked at it and it seems the code is very easy to read and understand and even probably add stuff to huh… i might not know how to code from scratch but reverse engineering and duplicating are my specialty if you want to send me the code for the black sand and i could sort manipulate it into the code for the other sands that could work. Also another quick question… i take black sand generates as well as near river and ocean bottoms… also generates near blck Granite, Basalt and sand in general?

and how does it create a config from these files… hmmmm if only there was a certain way to add a config for which ores generate in which kinds of stone but that seems to hard. however i’ll look to see which ores are significant irl and as well as add support in general for metallurgy 4 ores which will each be given a specific material they will generate in

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The Sand Code is easy for me to do, that’s not even part of the Rock Layer Generator. Its more of a question on how to make it fitting with the other Worldgen without spamming different Types of Sand all over the World.

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quick question im using a tablet rn rather then my main computer can you throw me the materials list i want to have a look at it.
-bauxite/limonite would be directly under dirt as well as in swamps this would be somewhat common but realistic as limonite and bauxite are extremely common. Alumina mostly is more of a thing for actual rock so it doesnt matter as much.
-cassiterite/magnetite would exist both on riverbeds, in water as well as in patches in deserts… cassiterite being around 10x rarer just like it is in reality
Garneirite is also a mineral sand it should be around 5x rarer then limonite as in a middle ground
-glauconite/fullers? these could either be rare in generic areas or common in deserts and swamps

rare gem sands whether diamonds/sapphires/topaz/thaum/Beryl giving random results in sifter
summary of Bauxite/Limonite/ Garneirite/Cassiterite out of 100
Bauxite(45%) 4%(dense alumina) 1% sapphire sand (50)
Limonite(brown 9%/orange 9%/ yellow ) 1% each hematite/Olivine/magnetite (30)
Garneirite( 10% of all mineral sands)
Cassiterite (5% of all mineral sands)
Gem Sands (5% altogether mineral sands… includes each gem type seperately)

Giving it a sort of relative rarity works… note glauconite would be around garnierite in how common it is and quartz sands would be around probably be at least 3x more common then Bauxite (and considering it would look exactly like cassiterite pretty much could make it far harder to see

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There you go with the List.

Also note that Salt, Rocksalt, Bauxite, Coal and Lignite are actual Rock Layers instead of Ores.