Found a ZPM Today


( Quiet Tucson) #1

Good Day,

I ran into an interesting find today. I’m quite surprised. Had been looking for a day or two for a Gregtech Fort and finally stumbled upon one slapped next to (and I later found out entwined with) a Rouge Dungeon.

First, a cursory look at the layout of the Fort. Then off to loot. I found myself drawn to stare at a glowing object. I studied it a moment before looking at the name. I had to inform my friend Axle immediately. I have no idea how to harness it’s power… but I got it back home safely. I have faith Axle will find a way to tap into it.

(Gregorius Techneticies) #2

So you say its glowing? Okay good if that is the case you didnt get an empty one. XD

I didnt make something to draw the Power from it yet, going to be in the QU Format by the way.


From what I remember, each time you use it it should either drain it completely or otherwise consume about half of the remaining energy, regardless of what you do or how much is left…

(Gregorius Techneticies) #4

Mac Guffin at its best XD

( Quiet Tucson) #5

BTW we’re just using it as a light at this point… It looks pretty though!

Also, I noticed while looting that bookcases fill your inventory before your hotbar spot, and MAN I cannot express how useful that has been for looting the good books.

(Gregorius Techneticies) #6

Did you know there is actual ZPM Lamps? I dont know if they are still sold but that is what I saw during “Research” (aka looking for a ZPM in a Picture so I can model it properly)

I think there was a Bug once that it always filled the Inventory First before Hotbar, instead of only filling your Inventory when there is already a pre-existing Item that would stack with it.

So to make it short, it SHOULD fill your Hotbar Slot IF you dont already have an Item that would stack with the one you are grabbing. This is because some people want to grab the Item directly, like if it is a Thaumometer (those go into Shelves too, yes!) or an Extruder Shape and usually they dont already have a stacking Item in their Inventory when they do that. :wink:


Why does that remind me of primitive civilizations using a ZPM as a light or holy object or whatever without realizing what it is and ‘using’ it. ^.^

(獠牙) #8

Amazing! What a lucky man! I even hardly to find a dungeon…
By the way ,Only I feel that this ZPM looks very… ugly?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: