Freeze while opening GUI in Steve's Carts

(AT611) #1

Hi. We’re playing with a heavy custom mod pack, that includes Steve’s Carts. After adding several “crafters” (about 6 of them) to the cart opening the GUI of the cart freezes the game for about 15 seconds. Is it a GT flaw, or just a bad coincidence?.. I see GT mentioned in my profiler:

(Gregorius Techneticies) #2

Well that is because there still is a shitload of Crafting Recipes that GT adds, and the Vanilla Crafting Handler is really really bad when it comes to Lag.

But Steve’s Carts isn’t innocent here, they should have cached the Recipe instead of constantly asking which Recipes matches.

I know there is some way to optimize it but that’s not playing well with NEI, and I do not like messing around with NEI, so I do everything except that, lol.

(AT611) #3

That’s a deep bug, it seems… Thank you, we will use something else to workaround the problem, since the issue could not be fixed easily.