Gameplans: Animal Stuff


(Gregorius Techneticies) #1

Animals are usually random generated in their Features, so you get a kind of new experience with the Fauna of each Island.
There will likely be an option to have IRL-alike Animals and Stuffs, as well as options D&D Themed ones, because those are likely the most common ones to be used.
Animals can be configured to be either without Gender (like in Minecraft) or with a Gender (like with Terrafirmacraft), so people can decide if they want to bother with that.
But back to RNG based ones, there is ofcourse the Issue that people with “Easy” Resource Complexity dont want to manage a ton of different Animals.
As a Solution to that I present you the Egg laying Feather-Tailed Horned Wooly Sabertusk Milk Boar, an Animal that essentially gives you all Resources you can get from Animals.
To the ones who ask me “where is the Leather and the Fur?”, I have to say that Sheep Leather is a thing in real life, and that Wool is a type of Fur.
With a Universal Animal like that you cant complain about having to farm too many different Animals. It also makes a good rare Animal considering how useful it can be, and with rare I mean almost un-findable.
Though this Boar will also be big enough to ride on it, making it even a good and fluffy form of transport, while providing you with Eggs on the go! Who wouldn’t want that!
All Animals will be categorized by their Domain and Subclasses, in order to make things more uniform and to be able to compare different Animals better with each other.
Those List of those Subclasses will be listed in the Code for easy access.