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I don’t know, how to leave stone age legitimately. To make crucible and other stuff I need chisel. The only recipe for chisel tool uses steel (well, I’m lucky boy and found 5 steel ingots on an island in the ocean, where my spawnpoint is). Another way - making bronze multitool (which has chisel head, so it should be possible to use (and yes, I am lucky boy *2, cause I found bronze ingots too. I guess, I could find some resources in mineshafts too)). But what should I use, if I were not as luck as I am right now? For making steel/bronze I need to get steel/bronze first.

P.S. I read wiki guide, FAQ and changelog, but I’m still confused about it.

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You can make tools including chisels out of any metals, not just steel. The reason why NEI shows only steel tools is that there are damn so many kind of metals in GT6 and if it were to display all the possible recipes it would take up more than a single page for each and every tool.

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Why dont you read the Official Guide for that particular Info?


Thanks, I didn’t see it. If faq has link to it - I am just blind, if not - maybe it should be updated?

Also, I’ve returned to mc after a very long time, I didn’t expect to get bug like this in NEI. I thought it works good enough :frowning:


What bug are you talking about? I didn’t see one mentioned in this thread? The only thing about NEI I saw mentioned was that it specifically only shows 1 metal type for GT’s tool each or else each tool would add like 200-300 pages, each. GT6 really should use a ‘meta-ghostly-item’ as the shown metal type though to indicate it can be replaced with any others, hmm… Oh @Gregorius!


There are many recipes of chisel tools, NEI shows me only a steel one. And I was very confused about this. And that’s the reason this topic exists.

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That is the reason I added Tooltips for that, because my NEI Plugin is not good enough for those Recipes yet.