GT6 in different languages!

(Davide) #1

Is it a good idea if we translate GT6 from English to our languages? Some days ago a Russian guy on the ic-forum asked for a Russian translation.
That’s not a totally bad idea.
Greg, if you give me some tools or tutorial to do it, I will be proud to translate the GT6 in Italian. It would be a pleasure to expand your mod to my fellow Italians gamers… It’s pretty rare to hear an Italian talking in English.
(And I may have done some mistakes for the same cause xD I’m sorry)

(Gregorius Techneticies) #2

Go into your Mods directory, then go one Directory up, you will see a gregtech.lang, its basically a Config File but for Language. And yes I know there is better ways to localise Stuff, but back when I added that, this was the only way I knew works. Also Forge doesnt have a nice or documented way to translate stuff either for 1.7.10.

(Davide) #3

No problem, I will translate everything where I can.
Do I have to release the .lang file? (I mean, do you want it?)


I’d think it would be awesome to have a thread-per-language in that category with that lang file hosted in the first post (probably zipped up as it compresses really well). :slight_smile:

(Davide) #5

I don’t think Italians like GT6 xD they are mostly 13yo boys playing big modpacks, the modpacks that famous youtubers plays. And those modpacks haven’t gt6.
Anyway, does the .lang works with the language settings? If changing the language settings works like downloading a file and replacing the old one… seems a better way


Or if GT6 just includes them and swaps as necessary that would be good. @greg? :wink:

(Gregorius Techneticies) #7

Remember that I made this Category so ofcourse I would like Localisations to be posted here! ;D

(Gregorius Techneticies) #8

My Lang File code is far worse becuse lack of documentation in Forge, so that cant really be changed sadly, unless there is some easy way to convert the Systems.


At the very least just include the languages inside the GT6 jar named <localizationName>.lang or so and just use whatever language is selected in MC and look up a corresponding language file or else fallback to the default if it is missing (with potentially a logged message in chat?).

(Gregorius Techneticies) #10

you underestimate the sheer amount of localisation I have. I require to autogenerate it on the fly, otherwise I would be way too busy making lang files rather than making useful features.


Oh ‘you’ shouldn’t make the files, just use the files that others make and have submitted here. ^.^