Hello World! Introduce yourself!


Translating it back into Chinese may help identify mistakes in the translation, I think. At least for a little reassurance that it understood the meaning correctly.


But sometimes there are some strange problems, such as the original edition translated into vanilla. :joy:


Yeah that’s the nature of auto-translation sadly… ^.^;


Actually, “vanilla” in English also means “original edition”! “Vanilla Minecraft” is the original edition of Minecraft without any modifications.

(獠牙) #26

And you forgot @GMG:smirk:


I’m ztw0_0 , a senior high student from China.

Like @GMG , I can only speak little English.
Now I’m playing GT6.07.24 with @Function_z . Hope the recipes of RF generators can be added.


I wonder if there can be a place for sever advertisements. It will be helpful for those who would like to find others to play together.

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Do you happen to have tried making an Account right when we started working on the Forums? Specifically an Account named “_0_0”? Your username looks just way too simialr to that one, and _0_0 happens to be the Account that somehow vanished. (we suspect they didnt activate their Account via Email so it got autodeleted, but just making sure)


No. But I’ve heard my friends’ advice and changed my username. :frowning:

(flaoua) #32

Flaoua, french player since the GT version that had hidden ores in gigantic veins XD
Contributed a lot on the wiki for beginners like myself and now a (very) patient GT6 player cursing because I can’t find GT diamond for a shredder :#

(TiCl4) #33

Hello!I’m TiCl4 from China.I’m a MC player for 3-4 4 years.Sometimes I play PVP in hypixel(chinese version),but I love MCMODs more,in especial GregTech.And I made a GT6 steam-age-development line picture.Now I am playing GT6 with ztw0_0,function_z,gonggongjohn,GMG,Nathan__A,Os-Ir and Lucun_ji in a server.And I am studying Java,too.

(Davide) #34

Hello World!
I’m WindFall -aka Davide, irl-, from Italy. I’m 19 years old, I studied Software Engineering at high school and I will hopefully join Computer Science University in Cagliari, Sardinia (I live in Sardinia).
I began playing Minecraft when I was 11, and now I find the vanilla or modded game so boring without gt6.
… Woah, 8 years of MC. That’s weird.


I’m Denis, I’m from Ukraine and I’m always bored.


Lucun_Ji, that’s me :slight_smile:


Hello, I’m Cell from Finland, I have always liked the way GregTech changed the game, so I thought it would be great to join to the new forum.

(Sebastian) #38

Hello, my name is Sebastian aka M00NMAN. I started playing Gregtech with GT5 and am now addicted to GT6!

(dnk1234567) #39

Target Locked on ,preparing missiles,you will be struck hours later.

(dnk1234567) #40

Hello world!
I am a minecraft player from China and I have played
gregtech for many years.Sometimes I will play GTNH with my friends and playing GT6 on single player.My English writing isn’t very well. I think gregtech is a wonderful mod.It brings a new way to understand Minecraft.I am good at Organic Chemistry and Advanced Mathematics.So I am looking forward to the GregoriusT’s new version.

(PHO) #41

Hi all, I’m a tech-addicted minecrafter and a software engineer from Japan.
GT6 is one of my favorite tech/science mods, and the others are AE2, Clayium, RFTools, Ender IO, and Draconic Evolution.


<@GregoriusTechneticies> just remember to post something if you wanna be one of the first 50 proper users XD

Well, let’s see…
I’m a software engineer usually found somewhere in Germany.