Hello World! Introduce yourself!

(Craig) #43

Hi! I’m Craig, I’m from the central US and have been playing Minecraft since it came out, and I’ve always loved the changes gregtech makes to the game.

(Dante Broggi) #44

Hi. I am a person who wishes he were determined enough to play GT6. It is awesome, but too tedious for me, I keep being distracted by Youtube, Factorio, Civilization 5, forum lurking, and my poor attempts at programming (from each of which I become distracted by the others).

(Qwertygiy) #45

Hi all. I’m Qwertygiy, creator of QwerTech, notorious bugbuilder, and general lazybrain. I don’t have much free time from reality’s constraints, but when I do, I spend it either modding or playing GT6, dabbling in Discord bots and moderation, or watching far too many automobile races.

(Timothy ) #46

I like the overall Decor of the place. I think a nice couch in the back facing the fire place while Lazy-boys finish the circle for comfortable discussion area while we all drink herbal tea, would be very nice.
I am Timothy.
I am 67 years old and have been a nerd since way before the name was ever coined.
My point of view is sometimes radical, but never meant to be offensive.
I have been addicted to Minecraft since the late Alpha days of Notch (Overmind’s fault for introducing me).
My favorite mod was RedPower 2 until Eloraam, the author, left Minecraft to dev her own game. ( still unfinished since RP2 for MC 1.4.7 and doubtful it ever will be.)
Project Red showed up greatfully in MC 1.7.10, but was a bit buggy.
The MC 1.12.2 version of Project Red is working good enough to make me try a few things.
If anyone is interested I do know a few things about logic circuits and what works in Project Red and what does not.
I have just installed Project Red for MC 1.7.10 and plan to do a few things there just to document the pros and cons.
Do you like frame vehicles? Designing those crazy things are great fun. Ask Overmind LOL.