Hello World! Introduce yourself!

(Craig) #43

Hi! I’m Craig, I’m from the central US and have been playing Minecraft since it came out, and I’ve always loved the changes gregtech makes to the game.

(Dante Broggi) #44

Hi. I am a person who wishes he were determined enough to play GT6. It is awesome, but too tedious for me, I keep being distracted by Youtube, Factorio, Civilization 5, forum lurking, and my poor attempts at programming (from each of which I become distracted by the others).

(Qwertygiy) #45

Hi all. I’m Qwertygiy, creator of QwerTech, notorious bugbuilder, and general lazybrain. I don’t have much free time from reality’s constraints, but when I do, I spend it either modding or playing GT6, dabbling in Discord bots and moderation, or watching far too many automobile races.

(Timothy ) #46

I like the overall Decor of the place. I think a nice couch in the back facing the fire place while Lazy-boys finish the circle for comfortable discussion area while we all drink herbal tea, would be very nice.
I am Timothy.
I am 67 years old and have been a nerd since way before the name was ever coined.
My point of view is sometimes radical, but never meant to be offensive.
I have been addicted to Minecraft since the late Alpha days of Notch (Overmind’s fault for introducing me).
My favorite mod was RedPower 2 until Eloraam, the author, left Minecraft to dev her own game. ( still unfinished since RP2 for MC 1.4.7 and doubtful it ever will be.)
Project Red showed up greatfully in MC 1.7.10, but was a bit buggy.
The MC 1.12.2 version of Project Red is working good enough to make me try a few things.
If anyone is interested I do know a few things about logic circuits and what works in Project Red and what does not.
I have just installed Project Red for MC 1.7.10 and plan to do a few things there just to document the pros and cons.
Do you like frame vehicles? Designing those crazy things are great fun. Ask Overmind LOL.

(Den Gladiator) #47

Hello! I’m DezForse and PHP developer at most cool company in my city :slight_smile: I live in Ukraine. I play Minecraft 7 years, and 4 from them is GregTech mod.
I learned C++, C#, sql in Uni, but i’m selected web development for my career.
I sometimes edit russian wiki and generate good ideas for minecraft mods :slight_smile:

(Donzil Zenovka) #48

Donzil Zenovka, at your service.

(Jacky Wang Jnirvana) #49

Hello guys, I’m Jacky Wang from China.
I enjoy programming and solving automation problems provided by GregTech, Currently working on GregTech 6 localization for Chinese in an active team.
I’m a fans of GregTech since GregTech 3 and the rapid development of the mod really amazed me, especially when GT6 came out. Nowadays the most installed GregTech in Chinese community is GT5(Unofficial). I hope I could contribute to the popularization of GT6 in Chinese modded Minecraft community.


Hi, I’m Seregheru (a daft name I took for my first D&D character from the appendices of LotR, many years ago).

I was semi-active on the previous GregTech forums under the same username. I love GregTech, especially since GT5 & 6, with GT6 being by far my favourite.

When not playing GregTech, I’m mostly developing my own game. My formal background is in physics (specifically high energy particle physics), and any professional developer reading my code would probably wince. But I at least do unit tests these days…

On the creative side, in addition to 3D modelling for my game, I also enjoy making miniatures, jewellery, decorations and trinkets. My favourite material right now is metal clay, but I’ve also dabbled with wood, glass, enamel, clay, brass, putties and resins.

I mostly have GT6 to thank for appearing knowledgeable while watching the BBC quiz show “Pointless”.

(Alexander James) #51

Greetings; I’m generally known as Canis across platforms. An awful paper-hanger from Calgary, Canada, I have undergrad degrees in both Environmental Biology and Physics. Oh, and was mastering a tabletop RPG series (initially D&D) for twelve years straight, at least we take breaks now.
Started minecrafting back in Beta 1.6, but didn’t get introduced to mods until recently 1.7.2. I quite enjoyed RotaryCraft for thinking to include real material limits and engineering problems. Tried my hand at designing a CMS somewhere between Gnomoria and Minecolonies - twice; only one of which even hit early tech demo stage. I’ve only joined as of GT6.05, called in by the similarities to my own creation’s approach to tiered recipes and the inclusion of material properties.
The friend I’ve tried to get involved are wary due to lack of documentation and the unfinished mess that the child mods have been; TechReborn especially gets included in so many public packs, may GTCE surpass it in every way. Also why I spent several months adding HQM guidance to my pack, and contributing to the FTB wiki.
The draw of multiplayer has certainly spun me towards Factorio lately, rather than X3:Reunion and Gnomoria of last decade. Probably also why the only steam processing chain I’ve built in survival didn’t even get automated.


Welcome! :slight_smile: have a nice time here. and remember don’t get greg angry (he’ll make the recipes harder but don’t tell him that :wink:


I’m MCNaOtlichno_YT.
Interested in Gregtech. Dreaming about making a video tutorial about Gregtech.
Like to say that “Gregtech isn’t so scary and hard as many people think”, and that “Not only Gods play Gregtech”


Hello! I’m a coder/GT player from Russia; I’m 16 and I play Idel Industrial Assembly in my free time ( GT5.09 U based mod assembly) Recently I decided to help IIA coders a bit; I know Java and C# very a bit. 0_0


I’m from Russia, too. А идеальная индустриальная сборка хороша, но смогу ли поиграть, если у меня Пентиум и 4 гб оперативки?


Вообще это не та тема для обсуждения, да и писать следует на английском :slight_smile: ; играть сможешь только на суперминималках и только на сервере, но я не уверен, лучше купи i5 и играй себе спокойно =D
https://discord.gg/7ph4Wna здесь сидит все комьюнити ИИС

(Roman) #57

Hi there!
Name’s Roman, gamer form Russia who enjoys grinding, complexity and automation so GT6 is exactly what I need. Too lazy to learn java and start modding myself so will just share ideas and feedback for GT if got any.
Thanks Greg, your work is amazing!


Good day!

I go by the name of PerliousFalcon. I am from Kuwait. My interests are: Cooking, some gaming (Minecraft, Factorio and TF2 are my main games), Digital Rights (I’ll never forget what started that fire.), I’m a Math Wiz and I like listening to music like “3 in the morning” from the Midnight Crew Album.

I first discovered Gregtech with version 4 when I was at the age of 13. Even though I never had the patience at that time but still tried to play through it regardless, it’s still very close to me personally. Now, I’m trying out Gregtech 6 with a very minimalist set of mods.