How and where had you meet GregTech?


Simple question for everybody, but I think it will be interesting to know. And special question for Gregorius: why you decided to begin GT development ?

(Gregorius Techneticies) #2

Originally I just wanted to add essential things that I felt were missing in MC, then I made things compatible, then I wanted to fix things that were just inconsistent, and then that ended up in me practically re-doing everything that already exists in a better way because everyone’s shit was broken as fuck, then I ditched GT5 for the same reason of being massively broken and started GT6.


Oh just forgot to tell about my meeting with GT;
My first version of GT was a GT3 on minecraft 1.5.2; I was young and a bit silly so I made “mod pack” myself, I just put there all mods what I could found. There was a GT too. I just played it in creative mod. Then 6(maybe) years passed and I visited “steamlynx” on YouTube, I heared about Ideal Industrial Assembly with GT5 and so I started playing it in survavial, some time latter I wanted to help it’s developers so I learned java a bit and start coding, so I’m here =)


I first saw GregTech when Gregorius first put out the lightning rod in the old IndustrialCraft, to much consternation of one of the IC2 devs. ^.^

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Yeah but that was the Lightning Rod Mod, not GregTech. XD


That’s still what became gregtech when you started adding more though. ^.^

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I was in the 4th grade maybe, and searching through packs on the FTB launcher. I found FTB Resurrection and tried it out. I saw that this mod named “GregTech” changed a lot of the recipes and added a lot of stuff, so I took a look into it and found out more. I spent a couple days grinding the BBF and found out that the EBF was a thing, so I basically ragequit after that, lol. Skip a couple years and I felt like revisiting that mod that made me ragequit and found out about GT5u in 2016 and saw Bear play with GT6. I played with GT6 and it was too much for me at the time, so i stuck with GT5u. I later went back to GT6 and found it much more enjoyable after Greg added some quality of life features. I started working on my addon and i’ve been loving it ever since :wink: