How do I modify GregTech default recipe?


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GregTech is a great Minecraft mod.I want to use it in my modpack.
So…I want to add some recipe to the machine or modify the default.
I checked Gregtech’s Wiki.But found no way to do that.
Then I went to CraftTweaker and MineTweaker’s wiki, all of which seemed to be old versions and Community Editon versions.
When I open “.minecraft\config\recipes”,I found some cfg files.But it’s not the usual input and output format.I don’t know how to use it.
What should I do in GregTech 6 to modify default recipe?
My mod version is 6.10.08 and Minecraft version is 1.7.10.

Another Problem Concerning Recipe Modification
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I will ask @Bear989Sr how he MineTweaker-ed the Recipes into GT6 Machines, I dont MineTweaker stuff myself, because I kinda have access to my own Source, so I dont exactly know. XD

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Here we go this Addon it is. ^^

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I have updated the Download Page to contain a line with the two Links to MineTweaker and MT-Utils, its also on the Compatibility Page and the Modpack Recommendations Page too.

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Thanks!I will try it