I hope you can actively edit the GT6 wiki


(Mr.CHEN) #1

The last update to the GT6 wiki (except my previous one) was nearly two months ago, and I don’t know why everyone seems to dislike adding data. At present, the data on the wiki is very small, most of them are missing, I hope you can add more information, thank you!

(Samuel Kloss) #2

I actually avoid the FeedTheBeast Wiki. :slight_smile: sorry mate.


GT6 needs an option to dump stats, information, and textures to json or so with a passed in option or so, then I can build a website about it. :smile:

(flaoua) #4

Well I have worked a lot on the Getting_Started page, I can review it to account for the last updates but that’s about it :3

(Den Gladiator) #5

Most fullness info is on the Russian Wiki. You can copy descriptions from there.

(Mr.CHEN) #6

Sorry, I can’t speak Russian.

(Den Gladiator) #7

But Google Translate speaks :slight_smile:
Russian Wiki has good base of information. We can use it.

(PHO) #8

No one dislikes adding data. Writing up a quality page is very time-consuming and it often requires the writer to investigate the decompiled code, which I did a lot while adding pages for Extenders and the Transformer.

(Mr.CHEN) #9

scheisse…I seem to have made a mistake in editing Navbox GregTech/content, and some of the content doesn’t show up.@Gregorius Could you contact the administrator of the FTB Wiki to help fix it?
Also, for two months, no one else has edited GT6 wiki except me… Let’s go to active editing.

(Gregorius Techneticies) #10

Uhm I never did anything with the FTB Wiki at all ever, I dont even know who the hell the Admin of it is, I just know that one Rabbit who happens to edit Stuff there. @retep998 would be the person to talk to, unsure how often he is online on here, I just told him on IRC though.

(Mr.CHEN) #11

You’d better tell him to update Tilesheet after this update.

(Peter Rabbit) #12

If you wanna talk about the FTB Wiki, just come visit us on Discord or IRC. We’re always welcome to new editors and helping them out.

irc.esper.net #FTB-Wiki


You should give the IRC server#room and/or Discord Invite link. ^.^

EDIT: @retep998 edited their post with the information. :slight_smile:

(Mr.CHEN) #14

shit…Discord is blocked in China…
You can also add some GUI, such as Clustermill.


Doesn’t matter, the IRC and Discord chat rooms are linked via a bot, you only need to be in one or the other and you will talk in both, so just use the IRC one. :slight_smile:

(Gregorius Techneticies) #16

Note that the FTB Wiki IRC Channel isnt the one for gt-dev @OvermindDL1


Yep yep! I have a bot that links #gt-dev to a discord channel hosted by @Bear989Sr but @retep998 hosts a bot that links @FTB-Wiki to a the main discord channel for the FTB Wiki too. :slight_smile:

(Mr.CHEN) #18

For some reason, I couldn’t open the IRC link, wondering if my home network was too shitty or blocked (the Chinese government seems to block all social networking sites that they can’t censor)
I wrote about basic machines these two days (bathing pot, bath, coagulator,roasting oven, etc.) and I thought it was good :wink:


And yet here you are. ^.^

IRC is a basic ANCIENT standard though, idiots that screw with that should be fired.

(Mr.CHEN) #20

@retep998 In recent big updates, there are many things on the wiki without pictures. I hope someone can help me add tilesheet.
By the way, some things are in tilesheet, but why is it not displayed in the recipe? Did I spell it wrong? Or did you add an association?