I hope you can actively edit the GT6 wiki


(Peter Rabbit) #21

I intend to update the tilesheet soon. It’s just a lot of work to do because of how massive GT6 is, necessitating multiple tilesheets for a single mod. Nevermind all the items that have the same name requiring a lot of careful renaming.

(Mr.CHEN) #22

Eh… It’s been a week, or not yet…

(Alexander James) #23

That tilesheet (probably still three) will take some effort to update. We can put together actual wiki articles on all the not so recent material while waiting.

Passing along a request to help improve contributions from the FTB wiki editors.
Having an account on the gamepedia ftb wiki (if that is possible in China) allows you to get personalized advice on making good pages the first time.

(Mr.CHEN) #24

It’s better to add the recipes of those machines first. It’s a troublesome and error-prone thing to add the recipe, so I’m a little reluctant to do it…

(Peter Rabbit) #25

It’s six tilesheets for GT6, and I’m in the middle of updating them right now.

(Mr.CHEN) #26

OK, but now some icons are out of order. I hope you can help me fix them.
The following can’t be displayed in the recipe. I hope you can fix it:
some rotors:You seem to have only added stainless steel rotor… Others are mainly used to crafting turbines, sluice, compact electric pumps, etc.
tin alloy machine casing:Used for crafting ULV battery box and transformer and solar panels.
robust galvanized steel/aluminium/stainless steel/chromium machine casing:Used to craft some electric machines (e.g. electric sifter, etc.)
big and small galvanized steel/aluminium/stainless steel/chromium gears:For craft dynamos, motors, laser engravers etc.

(Peter Rabbit) #27

Keep in mind that due to caching both on Gamepedia’s end and in your browser, you may still be seeing outdated tilesheet images. Try doing a hard refresh in your browser (Ctrl + F5) to ensure your browser cache is up to date.

Also the GT6-I tilesheet definitely has all the rotors. Or are you referring to the oredict entries missing for rotors?

(Mr.CHEN) #28

You can look at the page for steam turbines. The rotors in the recipe can’t be displayed properly.
Also, why can’t the icons of long-distance fluid pipe/item pipe / Transformer be displayed properly?

(Peter Rabbit) #29

That recipe uses oredict entries for the rotors, and while the tilesheet has the rotors, they are not yet registered in the ore dictionary on the wiki.

As for the long distance things, they were renamed in GT6 recently, and so they were renamed in the tilesheet.

(Peter Rabbit) #30

Also whoever is editing as an IP PLEASE create an account. Thank you.

(Mr.CHEN) #31

Oh, the tilesheet of lightning rod added in the new version and quadcore processor units that should still be in WIP state should also be added…