Item routing with filters


Hi greg,

I’ve long been having problems with your item filters specifically when trying to use normal item filter covers connected to inventories they work as inteded but as soon as i try to use a single inverted item filter it literally just lets nothing through and the pipe immediately gets congested. As an example:

I’ve been trying to assign one of my sulfuric acid baths to ilmenite and leave the rest to all regular ore processing recipes. The filter to the left filters for ilmenite normally and the filter to the right filters inverted for ilmenite. When ilmenite enters it goes to the correct inventory however when anything else passes the routing gets congested immediately. I tried even doign something as simple as having 1 inverted filter connected to a chest with no other available inventories or pipes and it still gets congested immediately regardless of what i enter or filter for.

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So the Issue you are describing is “Inverted Filters dont work for some weird Reason”, right? Im gonna start up eclipse and look at it now.


well yeah it seems that way

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Fixed the problem, forgot to implement the Inverter part. XD