IV Motor powered large shredder?


Hi Greg

Is it possible to power the large shredder with an IV motor? I’m sure I don’t have a complete grasp of all the concepts involved like how much the batter box will emit (with no selector cover) to my understanding it’s amp = number of batteries , voltage = voltage of batteries i.e. 2048 for EV. So by using 4 EV batteries in a battery box i should be able to output 4x2048 = 8192 EU/t . Now the next step i’m really not sure if it works the way i intend it to, there is no IV batteries so to my knowledge there’s no way of ensuring a certain output in IV range, however I tried using an EV - IV transformer which successfully powers my IV electric motor. The problem is that the shredder doesnt seem to accept the power even though an IV motor powered by 8192 EU / t should provide 4096 RU/t which is within the range of the large shredder. I tried removing batteries to give it less power but nothing works. Am I missing something? Maybe the workings of the transformer? I see that in your screendump on you’re using EV motors so i was wondering what the rationale behind that is. You might have explainned this in your changelog but I can’t seem to find it so I’ll ask here, how does the overclocking work when there is no overclocking penalty? Usually the GU/t required depends on the base cost of the recipe and the minimum GU/t accepted by the machine (such that a 28GU/t recipe will require 112GU/t in a MV tier machine ) does this translate the same way in these machines except instead of multiplying the energy cost x 4 every x2 speed you multiply energy cost by 2 for ever 2x speed? will the shredder for instance only use 512 GU/t since all recipes are base 16GU/t ? or will it infact go all the way to 4096GU/t if you provide it?

I apologize for the long rant but it’s something i’ve been confused about for a while

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The Motor can probably power it if its incoming amperage isn’t above 1.

And it will just run faster when there is no overclocking penalty.


How can you control the IV amperage? How would i go about ensuring that? do the batteries in fact produce 2048EU/t fixed?

So the non overclock penalized machines like this will just dynamically switch between using 512, 1024, 2048 or 4096 GU/t depending on how much power you give them?

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IV = 8192 per Battery (2048 is EV), so its 1 Amp per Battery when it comes to output. If you want to run more than one battery but still get 1 Amp of output, add a Mode Selector Cover to the Battery Box and use that. The Button Panel would work just like the Selector Tag would.

And overall the Machine does the following calculation for Recipes.

First: Multiply EU/t with Duration to get Total EU
Second: Apply Overclocking Penalty and Efficiency Penalty, in case of the Multiblocks its just a flat 50%, so the Total EU gets doubled.
Third: Each tick it reduces the Total EU by whatever EU you inserted until it reaches 0 and produces the Recipe.


Thank you excellent explanation makes it much clearer to me :+1:

I figured out that nothing was wrong with the setup IV motor works just fine only the tooltip suggests that energy is acceptable anywhere on the machine but is only accepted on the sides of the machine through the grate-like holes. Maybe update the tooltip to reflect this?

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Yeah the Tooltips for Energy might be a bit wrong right now, I will put that on the List.