[Mod] I Will Find You for GT6 (Search nearly Ores)

[Mod] I Will Find You for GT6 (Search nearly Ores)

I Will Find You! (IFU)

You can search nearly Ores with the item which is added by this Mod.

The way to use

1. Make Ore Finder Wand.
2. Shift-Right click to the ground and open GUI.
3. Input an Ore stone.
4. If there are the Ores / Layer Ores which you inputted in 4*4*40 (x*z*y) block, Ore Finder Wand alerts to you.




All rights reserved. You can't re-upload this mod.
But if you make GT6 modpack with this mod, you ask permission of me.

About to original author

There is a mod which is called "IFU" in GT New Horizons Modpack.
However, it only works with GT5U, so I modified some codes to work with GT6.
I really thank GTNH Dev Team for making almost codes.
Here is their repository and license.