[Mod] Modified GT6 version that works with GT5u and addons



Gregtech6 for Gregtech5 Unofficial

I had a impact on this topic but sadly it doesn't work with GT5u addons.
Now I escaped all package such as "package gregtech" to "package gregtech6" and it works with GT5u.


If you [ want to use Newer GT6 / use GT6 addons / use GT6 with no GT5u addons ] , I suggest to use this topic's GT5u.
Please note these things. I'll try to fix in the future.
  • You can't use GT6 addons with this. (But I can modify if License is okay to use. TODO list)
  • There are many recipe conflict and compatibility.
  • I'll modifiy GT6 for my modpack. My modpack uses GTNewHorizons mods so it's very special.
  • There will be many bugs. Don't use your main world.
  • Need to create new world.
  • Download

    Gregtania6(Modified to work)
    If you want to see modified GTNH mods that works with this modified GT6 version, please see here.

    License (Gregtech6 License)

    This Mod is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License.
    All assets, unless otherwise stated, are dedicated to the public domain according to the CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication.
    Any assets containing the GregTech logo or any derivative of it are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International Public License.

    (Gregorius Techneticies) #2

    I think this is like the 3rd or 4th GT5U+GT6 Fusion Mod, unless I am missing something.


    I just want to use latest open source GT6 worked with GT5u addons.
    GTNH’s GT5u is very special so I need to modify GT6 :laughing:

    (Samuel Kloss) #4

    When you remake GTNH with GT6 please Add me to the “WANT TO PLAY THIS SO HARD” List

    (Gregorius Techneticies) #5

    Which URL precisely? Because due to the whole Article 11 & 13 thing eventually coming up soon, I operate links as whitelisted domains only, in order to future-proof everything.


    At this stage, my modpack reachs 300+ mods but I still want to add more mods lol :laughing:
    I’m learning modding(Yes, I didn’t know Java at all, I only know JavaScript) and making my original mods for modpack, so maybe it takes so many times. :joy:
    I’m currently being confirmed at modders for permissions, yes it takes more times :joy:

    So…please finish GTNH’s all quests for wating this modpack lol :rofl:
    (I made fusion mk2 now, but next research station recipe is really hard to make. :rofl:)

    If you want me making discord server, I will probably make.
    Basically you can see my progress in twitter but I only tweet in Japanese :sweat: ttps://twitter.com/monatannzunzun2
    I’ll upload here but I don’t know when I can release.

    Oops I can’t reply :rofl:

    Which URL precisely? Because due to the whole Article 11 & 13 thing eventually coming up soon, I operate links as whitelisted domains only, in order to future-proof everything.
    I’m currently being confirmed at

    For example, I can’t post this URL.


    Yes, I got this attention when I reply you this URL too.

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    Interesting, apparently the Forums dont think that the Forums should be whitelisted due to being o nthe same sub-domain as them, well I added the Forums to the Domain Whitelisr. XD


    Now I can post this forum URL, thanks for fix :+1:
    Reply limitation is a little troublesome but useful for blocking spam, so there is nothing for it. :disappointed_relieved:


    Stick around and participate and you automatically get upgraded through the ranks with more and more capabilities. :slight_smile:


    It seems that it’s difficult for me to get because I’m very shyness lol. :rofl:


    Friendly place here and new enough that it’s not crazy active either. ^.^


    I have never joined “forum”, but I decided to register this forum in spite of I’m shy.
    I’m quite sure that here is friendly place lol.:rofl:

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    Yeah people here are friendly, if they weren’t, I would be very unfriendly with them. XD


    All this forum members have already been trained by you through playing Gregtech so there is nobody to do so lol :rofl: