[Mod] NotEnoughItems Unofficial

[Mod] NotEnoughItems Unofficial

NotEnoughItems Unofficial

I expect everyone who play GT6 use screenshot to memory many recipes.
It's a pain thing, and sometimes want to use JEI lol (Of cource there isn't in 1.7.10).
So I modified NEI codes for working like JEI.

Please note this mod is experimental, it's laggy and buggy.

New functions

1. You can edit the character which is not the last character of the text in search textbox.
2. You can bookmark items by pushing "A".
3. Support advanced search - @modid moditem
ex) @gregtech wire


It's not NEI addon but modified NEI, so you don't have to include original NEI with this.


All rights reserved. You can't re-upload this mod.
But if you make modpack with this mod, please you ask permission of me.

About original author

Everyone knows the author, Chicken Bones :)
NEI is MIT License.
Here is the repository and license.

Man, you’re the best. These are the things (bookmarks, the ability to edit the line) because of which I almost left from 1.7.10.


Heh, interesting task, like how it’s going.


Well…I think making recipe tab to show which machine can make is good idea, but it’s difficult.
I expect every mod sends tab information to JEI, and JEI display the tab icon.

Get recipe key and make sooooooooooooo many conditional branch is the only way to make this function, I don’t want to do crazy work lol.

I can’t imagine more idea about NEI :sweat_smile: