[Modpack] Gregtania6 Skyblock



I made GT6 skyblock modpack so I introduce here!

Gregtania6 Skyblock

This modpack theme is "Learn and enjoy Gregtech6 through skyblock" .
It's just developping so please think this is alpha version.
If you want to play in difficult recipes, normal world type or more tech and magic world, I suggest you don't play this one and wait my 2nd project(300+mods) lol.


You can find in Curse.
Before downloading this modpack, please see warning notice on curse page.


I wrote quests till Steam age. If my main world reaches next age, I'll add quests.

Mods list

I wrote excel file that contains license list and gregtania6 tips.
Please see here.


(Gregorius Techneticies) #2

Ah good google drive is definitely save to link to. Added that to the List and fixed the Link inside your Post. ^^


Thank you for adding URL in white list in every post :wink:

(Gregorius Techneticies) #4

Generally, the only thing I try to prevent from being linked is “News” Websites, as probably upcoming European Law might turn into a huge Issue for every single Website in existence with Link Tax and everything. Lets hope it wont happen, but if it does then better safe than sorry. :wink:

Also nice to have a GT6 Skyblock. ^^


Link tax…yes I had heard in the news few month ago, it’s troublesome.
Safe is the best, don’t mind. :persevere:

I try to make this pack for newbie tutorial pack, I do my best. :+1:

By the way my MC friend wants to know when the machines which is above IV is created.
(Yes, I know tier processing balance is really dificult, but I wish it is created someday. :pray:)

(Gregorius Techneticies) #6

The IV/LuV Tier would be closer to the Multiblocks I think, or it would be more efficient Overclocking of the Lower Tiers with more Configurability, but I am not sure which or if both. :wink:

And nice you heard about it in the News, here in Germany all this Stuff is barely ever in the News at all, as if someone intentionally doesn’t put it there…


Hallo, Ich heiBe monatann und Ich spielen gern GT6.
I learned German few years ago, but I forgot almost things lol. :wink:

Ah, I see. Tier proccessing is very interesting, especially reaching new age, and see more strong tools which work more faster XD
Multiblock…I guess you add the large crusher, washer and so on. If there is a machine which is new ideas and there isn’t it in other mods, my eyes will sparkle lol.
GT6 doesn’t have strong machine that generate strong energy if I don’t forget. This will be the long way to release. :cry:

I don’t know what they want to do…it seems that they don’t think internet should be free world. It’s clear that everyone don’t post URL and fall into a jumble. :angry: