ModPack Manager



This is a tool that I have been working on for a bit.

The ModPack Manager is a tool that allows you to Manage your ModPacks a lot easier.
It is not a Minecraft Launcher, and it will never be. But it is basically a Replacement for the Twitch Minecraft Launcher that allows to download/update packs.

Not everyone likes using Twitch and here comes in the MPM (ModPack Manager).
It is fairly simple in usage providing a lot of features, like:

  • Changing Mod Versions on the Fly
  • Information about when a Mod is up to date or not and when the latest update was
  • Exporting/Sharing packs with its own or curseforge ModPack format.
  • Viewing the Changelog of mods without opening curse Pages. (It will combine the changelogs between the selected & current version to 1 giant changelog)
  • A Local Mod Repository that will keep track of Mods versions.
  • Modifiying ModPacks or Adding Mods with just copying links or just from the Local ModRepository
  • Importing Packs from different sources, including custom ones, and if modfiles are known the links to the mod for updates does not have to be provided.
  • Downloading Packs from curse. Basically automating the entire process.
  • Compatible with any launcher that uses the standard Minecraft Instance folder structure

Main Window:

If the Repsitory is updated frequently enough there won’t be 8k mods to update. For Testing purpose I downloaded every curse Mod into this tool.
But filter options, highlighers, a Menu and optional dark mode is provided.

Mod Repository:

A view of every single mod it keeps track of. With filter options, Keybindings for faster adding/removing/openpages these mods.

Changelog Window:

A Compressed view of the Changelogs of the current selected mod. Making view a lot easier.
This provides full HTML 5 support allowing HyperLinks & Pictures to be displayed too.

Change/Update Mod Version Window:
This window allows to easily change mod versions on the fly having a lot of things a lot easier.

The Export Window:
It allows to export the Packs as wished.

ModPack Manager license: Creative Commons 3.0

Requirements: Java8 + JavaFX (linux may need to install that seperatly)

Changelog is within the Zip

ModPack Manager (853.8 KB)
ModPack Manager (861.7 KB)
ModPack Manager (863.2 KB)


Wow impressive work =) keep going on it


Version 1.2 released now, with loads of fixes