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(Gregorius Techneticies) #61

Lazy Dog doesn’t wanna copypaste the Changelog I see. XD


why have a changelog.txt then xD More like Encurage Reading changelog files.


Is there a reason the most recent versions of mods aren’t being pulled? I’ve tried updating the repository multiple times, but the newest version of some mods isn’t available. For example, the newest build of JEI for 1.12 is 2 days old, but the newest available in the launcher is from late June.


Thanks for the report.

Yes we are aware of that issue, sadly it is that we can’t do anything about it in the short term.
We are working on a patch that will fix these issues for good, but these can’t be done in a short time.
Especially since I also have other projects. But this should be fixed for good in a couple of weeks.

To explain the issue:
We are using a webpage that convers curse page data into 1 massive textfile that is a lot easier to read. The problem is that this page isn’t as relyable as we need it to be. That came up after we were done making the software. So it’s all designed around that page.

So we have to cut that page out completly. Thats sadly not a quick fix. ^^"


Ah okay, I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t messing something up on my end. Thanks for working on this!