Modpack that i made customly



I decided to make a big mod to make gregtech more fun and hard. it is a challenge though with extra mobs and dimensions. it’s a mix of tech / monsters / magic, like the lord of the rings mixed in with the jetsons. Sadly whenever i play it, it always quits unexpectedly since i have a bad computer.


How much RAM do you have and how much is allocated to the pack?


Sorry for the late reply, but i got 6gb of ram assigned.

(Gregorius Techneticies) #4

Could you give us all Log Files? maybe there is a Hint as to why it quit in there.

(Samuel Kloss) #5

Modlist would be great too.


‘Assigned’ as in via the -Xmx... command?

And yep, full fml-client-latest.log. :slight_smile:

(Gregorius Techneticies) #7

Do you get Email Notifications? If so this is a Reminder, if not then well, bad luck on my end, lol.