My 'Literal' thoughts on anvils

(Donzil Zenovka) #1

Hi Greg, wanted to give you some feedback on anvils. Simple and to the point they work well, though they tend to break faster than I was expecting, I should stop cheaping out on material. :grin: However I’m having trouble remembering what side does what.

I’ve turned more plates into foil than I care to imagine, and I’m afraid to play with them in case the result isn’t what I’m looking for. Would it be possible to show a sort of thought bubble of the finished result depending on where I hit the anvil? like a little window that appears above the anvil with what I’m about to create?

(Gregorius Techneticies) #2

The two Sides are horizontal and vertical for a reason, the fat vertical side is Plates, the slim horizontal Side is Foils.

I’m not sure if some Hologram would fit the style though.

(Donzil Zenovka) #3

Righto Greg, not a big fan of floating holograms either was thinking more of of a GUI tooltip. Not to worry I just need to play around with it a bit more. I’ll get used to it.