My new suggestion post


(Mr.CHEN) #1

Because my old suggestion post was abandoned because no reply was received for a long time, and it was messy, I don’t know what suggestions @Gregorius actually accepted, so I posted my suggestion in a new post.
Some strand blocks can make your buildings more convenient, like IC2 scaffolding, whose side can be climbed, but also more industrial.
Candles: Luminescent decorative gadgets that can be made from various waxes (except refractory wax, because it is unflammable), dyed, and inserted into cakes. :wink:
Producing plastics from ethylene polymerization: A more scientific way of producing plastics, ethylene polymerization, like GT5, but for the sake of techtree, there is no need to remove the plastics from distillation towers.

(Gregorius Techneticies) #2

Yeah as I said “Editing Post for new Stuff” is a very very bad Idea, because nobody will ever pay attention to it as it sinks further and further into the older Posts. Heck, I even forgot it existed until you made this Post.

Scaffolding: Yeah the climbable Part might be a bit tricky, need to look into whatever hack IC2 did one day.

Candles: Yeah I made Forestry and Pams Harvestcraft Candles doable already. No need to spam even more I think, but its a “maybe”

Plastics: Very much yes, better Process is planned, and the Distillation Tower only has a Plastic shortcut inside its Recipes, that would be removed once the real processing happens. But I wont make it as cumbersome as GT5U has it, that one was just horror.

(Donzil Zenovka) #3

Immersive engineering also does a climbable steel scaffolding.

Candles are always good as i’ve set my torches to randomly go out. I used to use waxberries to produce tons of Forestry candles before I removed Forestry. I was thinking of re-adding it for that very reason.
What about paraffin wax? I have a hefty supply but as of yet I’m unsure what to do with it.

(Mr.CHEN) #4

Well, candles are really a solution to the large amount of paraffin wax produced in distillation tower.
By the way, have the suggestions of large electrolyzers that I mentioned earlier been adopted? The update content for Greg is reluctant to disclose GT6, so I’m not sure if there is any… If so, it should have 16 threads and 50% efficiency, just like a large centrifuge, which is a good solution for the large amount of electrolytic materials produced by chemical bathing.

(Gregorius Techneticies) #5

Ah yeah Multiblocks for most Machines are planned and I didnt get to those so far though. So yes those Electrolyzers are planned.

(Mr.CHEN) #6

Some later chemical reactions may require special devices… For example, as someone mentioned before, the synthesis of ammonia, rather than simply mixing them with a mixer… For this reason, you may need to add some special machines.
Heat exchanger are a good idea for nuclear power plants, just like in GT5.
Finally, don’t expect fat hens to come up with any good bills…

(SuperCoder) #7

Speaking of GT5u horrors, I’m pretty sure I got PTSD from looking at the disaster of their recipe system both code and gameplay wise…

(Mr.CHEN) #8

“Real” TNT synthesis: The vanilla TNT is not really TNT, because they are made of black gunpowder (niter, sulfur and carbon). I wonder if we can synthesize “real” TNT in some ways, just like GT5, by nitrating toluene with nitric acid to synthesize trinitrotoluene.
Maybe more explosives should be added, such as picric acid, RDX and TATP.
Electric Arc Furnace is a cool suggestion :wink:
2019/02/10 edit:
Epoxy resin: A very good insulating material, like in GT5, it can use bisphenol A + epichlorohydrin + NaOH to synthesize uncoated epoxy resin fluid (not melted!) As for what curing agent to use, it may also need to be considered, because many things can make epoxy resin solidify… You can add it to the crafting of the crystal processor socket (after all, it’s very insulating, isn’t it? And you probably have it in your CPU)
Like other organic materials, melting of epoxy resin can cause loss, and it can be processed lossless with a extruder.
Bisphenol A can be obtained from phenol and Acetone Catalyzed by acid. Epichlorohydrin may require some complex processes… As for phenol, distillation of creosote oil in distillation tower is a good idea (it can treat excess creosote oil in later game, after all, the heat value of creosote oil is not high)
@Gregorius You can also add other uses, such as for making circuits above LuV.