My suggestions in GT6


1.Multiyple Block.It seems to have stopped working on it recently. There are still many boxes that need multiple modes to speed up work efficiency. For example, autoclave, dryer.And faster coke oven-pyrolysis furnace. Not only,but also the Large Crucible!
2 More high up tech tree.Most of the machines in GT6 are up to phase IV.Battery technology is even limited to EV.When will there be high up tech tree added in GT6?
3 internal combustion engine.It should be used to provide a new and powerful power generation competition scheme in the middle of the game. When I reach the middle of the game, steam power takes so long to start the boiler that it has to wait for power generation after the boiler starts. Internal combustion engines should be able to generate a lot of electricity by burning diesel faster, and even if it’s a multiy block, I’d like to use it to generate electricity!
Do you have a clear plan for the above three points? By the way, I look forward to nuclear energy very much.

(Donzil Zenovka) #2

Greg has said there is plenty of time still, and working on one part exclusively can get demoralizing pretty quickly, this can cause mental burnout which leads to lack of energy to continue the project.

I find its better to jump between ideas and work on things as and when you get the notion. As long as you are working on something there is still progression right?

As for the points you bring up, I agree with all other than the crucible. I don’t think there should be an industrial sized one, more rather using molten metals in the mixer or another such device would make more sense for mass production of alloys.

(Gregorius Techneticies) #3

Or literal burnout because this week started getting way too hot temperatures. I am trying to go nocturnal for the month of June just to mitigate the heat.

And the Mega Size Crucible is planned still, just so you know.

(Eternal Church Lord Bazelboob) #4

mega crucibles will be god tier i cannot wait for that