Natural gas in GT6


I noticed that GT6 did have natural gas and methane ice powder. They all belong to Greg-API, which means they don’t need PFAA as you said before. Do you have plans for their generation?

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I am not 100% sure on them yet, but I might do that. If I do that I should do it early now that I think of it, considering it would be Worldgen. Lemme put it on the List for the first thing to do when I feel better.


I am really happy to hear that!:狞笑:

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Torches wont make Natural Gas explode

I’ve played this way, that and enviromines: torches-set-everything-on-fire configuration. You would be surprised how many different variations of alternative lighting you can come up with.

Jack o’lanterns were a cheap and effective means of protecting your flame, I would use vinteum torches too as they wouldn’t react and gave a pretty blue colour, but the resident mage would throw a fit when I used up all their precious dust on aesthetical lighting.


I really like the look of this. Can the gas be burned directly or does it need to be processed further?

It looks like the gas rises on its own - does it automatically delete itself when it reaches the top of the world, or does it just sit at max height?

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The Gas deletes itself once it reaches max height. Would still disrecommend exposing the Vents to the Sky since the Block kinda moves upward every few ticks.

And as far as I know you can burn it in a Gas Turbine like Methane. At least you should be able to already, if you got natural Gas from PFAA.


/me coughs

But yep, torches making things explode and burn just means you graduate from torches quickly, which I actually do rather like as torches look rather bad. ^.^;

Aww, should make it ‘max out’ at a set height, like 180 or so, and make it barely opaque so polluting the land with it (or at least do this with pollution) darkens it and lets things spawn, at least until it ‘thins out’ enough to finally dissipate. ^.^

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Uh yeah no, I know exactly what will happen, the Light Engine will cause huge amounts of Lag because of a Semitransparent Block being far up in the Sky.


Sounds like it’s time to replace MC’s light engine with a shader based one so no rerenders need to be performed? :wink:

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that kinda work would more justify starting my own game than helping MC, and that will start next year :stuck_out_tongue:

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If a air vent cover is placed above the natural gas block, will the natural gas be collected? If so, natural gas springs can be used to generation natural gas indefinitely, just as oil springs and drain covers are used to infinite generation oil.

Also, can natural gas continue to be processed? In reality, natural gas usually contains more than 85-90% methane, 5-10% ethane and a small amount of propane and butane, as well as a small amount of water, nitrogen, carbon oxides and hydrogen sulfide (these are unimportant and negligible, but if you plan to add desulfurization recipe to the petrochemical industry, you can consider a little… ) Maybe it can be further processed by distillation tower or centrifuge…

Also, are natural gas block placeable? Can it be discharged into the world with a pressure valve or something?

Finally, I look forward to methane ice, large electrolyzers and new nuclear reactors……

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In fact,some natural gas contains high levels of helium, which can reach 2%. It means that they have important usage in the extraction of helium.Liquid air separation method is not good, because its content is only about 0.005% in the air.GT5u have added this recipe in its distillation chamber.:wink:

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Wait, did I say anything about Methane Ice for todays release? I don’t even really know where or how to generate that Stuff, and how it would even be useful, considering it would be a “Fuel Ore” with not much Power Output, worse than Lignite actually.

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Methane ice is usually distributed in deep seas and permafrost, and it can be considered to be added to deep ocean and snow tundra. Methane ice can be made into a block similar to the vanilla ice, but it can be fully collected and will not melt.


Doesn’t methane ice melt even faster than pure water ice as I recall?

But yes, it is in the real world, in Antactica especially, down deep in the permafrost.