Need help Per Fabrica Ad Astra problem with peat


(Sovcio) #1

I instal Per Fabrica Ad Astra and i play some time, but i found a problem with peat, cause i cant burn him, its requirement crusher to exchange, is it ok or i need add recipe to exchange? i want to know what is better for better gameplay

(Gregorius Techneticies) #2

Wait there is Peat Ore in PFAA? Am I getting that right?

And maybe try using the Club or the Hammer to mine the Peat Ore Block, so that it will drop Crushed Peat or something. Unsure if I did add crushed Peat, but if it exists in the Crusher I presume the Hammer/Club will do.

(Sovcio) #3

yea, i am dumb, i did not think about it, with hamer/club works great. thanks