Random Updates about Greg

Random Updates about Greg

Today/Yesterday I learned that DVD Players are proprietary garbage at its finest, I mean I knew DRM decoders and such exist for DVD Players, but you know what does not exist? The ability to read simple mp4 Files from a Data DVD, like what the fuck. So when compiling the Vacation Footage of my Parents onto a DVD I first made it a Data DVD with the 38 (rather boring) Clips they filmed, that did not work to my surprise, so one Full Size DVD wasted on what essentially is a Backup now.

So what did I need to do to make it work, you ask?

Step 1:
concatenate the 38 Clips into 1 single large mp4 File using ffmpeg. In order to do that more easily I just did an “ls > input.txt” in the Command Line to get a List of all Files I need to put into the input.txt.
Step 2:
convert the mp4 File into an mpg File more than twice the size than the original. Said mpg File had to be not only explicitly cast into the PAL Format, but I also had to explicitly state 16:9 aspect Ratio.
Step 3:
create the File Structure of a typical Video formatted DVD using dvdauthor twice from command Line.
Step 4:
turn said Structure into an ISO File so I could directly burn it onto the DVD. Btw did you know VLC Media Player can read ISO Files? It’s a nice to know thing for testing if you did the ISO File properly.

Just why cant DVD Players just read Files from a DVD, it cant be that hard… Had to waste 3 hours on finding out how to get that shit to work…

Note: None of the Mini DVDs were used in this process, i have a bunch of regular Size CDs and DVDs laying around, the Mini ones are for Portable use only.


Sounds like CD Players reading burnt MP3’s, most of the time they just outright refused.

Most of these players were built under the assumption that recording and the ability to play back recordings would hurt sales. They saw how the VCR changed how media was controlled and were terrified at the prospect, hence why it was very rare to get DVD players with recording features.


Ugh, I really hope I get back the previous Asthma Spray on the 16th (for twice a day use), because now the temperature shift messes up everything and brings me into a ping pong of good and bad motivation… It’s Saturday and I have nothing for GT6 again…

The Reason I originally aborted that Asthma Spray was because I thought I had problems with Side Effects of it, but turns out, the same thing that I had when I blamed it on the Spray last year, happened this year again in the same month, so some seasonal garbage came in and made me think it was a side effect of the Asthma Spray. (It was a Migraine alike thing btw, not even the headache kind, more the “body freaks” out kind)

That is why I am going to make a general Allergy Test to see if that was the cause, or if I am really just very susceptible to temperature shifts.

And to top it all off, the CPAP ofcourse doesn’t work properly when the temperatures aren’t in a good range, too hot and I sweat into the Mask after about 45 minutes, too cold and my breath condensates inside the hose and flows back to my face within 30 to 60 minutes.

Both things are very bad for me because I hate the unnerving feeling of Fluids flowing on my skin, and instantly get the compulsion to prevent said fluids from touching anything they are not supposed to (such as my bed/pillow). The only reason I can take showers or baths is because those two places are quite literally supposed to have Liquids in them, so there is no reason for me to prevent contact of Liquids with those, also soap gets easily removed by water and water evaporates quite seamlessly, so I don’t need to worry about that either.

So the CPAP doesn’t work often/long enough to justify me having it (according to health insurance), and they are probably taking it away from me. I essentially only used it 2.5 hours a day over the past year, which combined with the fact that I only sleep 4 hours while I use it (because good sleep recharges me much faster) makes it absolutely impossible to reach the 4 hours a day threshold even if I used it literally every day of the year (note: if I clean the Mask, then I cant use it the day I cleaned it, so it is indeed impossible).

To those who think “why didn’t he just cheat and put the mask on while awake?” I actually did try to do that, but quickly found out that having the Mask on while awake messes up my concentration and heartbeat quite badly, leading to high heart rate induced headaches.

Also gonna get new Glasses because my eyesight got very slightly worse over the last 3 years, and that in an asymmetrical way (left eye being worse than right), so I now get a headache from my current Glasses. Ofcourse they are gonna have an identical Circular Frame to my current ones, so still Eggman-esque tinted Glasses.

There we have it, random Greg Update of the month. XD


Another thing I wanted to mention, I dont know how long I will accept donations via PayPal directly, probably still for quite a long while, since no store accepts any other online currency, but some of the shady things PayPal did recently, especially its anti-industrial-standard refund policy, kinda made me feel like stopping to use them whenever I can actually stop. They are starting to become the EA of Online Banking.

Patreon gets slowly less broken, they did fix OneBoxes, but I still have that Editor Issue that I can’t do anything about, so I am slowly moving away from posting there due to that Issue.

Now in the past I was rightfully paranoid about financial Stuffs so having Savings was important for peace of mind, but ofcourse those times are kinda over, so I would only encourage donations if you seriously wanna throw money at me for no reason, but not if you are short on money yourself.

All of this is just a consideration on my end, I might end up just leaving everything as is. I still hate money, but I know having it makes stuff safer, and I can spend it on random Hardware Stuffs. Also probably gonna soon need to use money for hosting a proper Server and Domain for my Website, and yes I know it is actually very cheap if you dont let yourself get ripped off.

Well, now that I got that off my mind too, I am still feeling tired, just why…?, I spent way too much time in bed and the temperature is actually a stable 22°C since today (central heating configured semi-properly and running now). I think I will use the on-demand inhaler before i go to bed now, and not only before leaving the house. I wont leave the house this week anyways, so it’s fine dosage wise, also I had a twice a day inhaler before, (which I’m trying to get re-prescribed back), so I know that will work in the end. ^^


And another Update: I really hope the twice a day Asthma Spray is gonna help with the lack of CPAP, just like it did the first time, the once before going to bed Asthma Spray definitely helps me sleep at least, but doesn’t keep me all that motivated during the Day (I don’t wanna overuse that Stuff because I dont know which Type the on-demand one actually is).

Also fun fact, apparently my Computer is kinda heating up my Room by at least 1°C, at least when I am in the Desk Area, so the thermometer (in my Alarm Clock) shows 23°C on the Desk even though it’s around 22°C near the Bed. The Radiators are supposedly set to 20°C (there is air bubbles still in them even, so they are less heat emitting), meaning I guess the Computer does heat up by at least 3°C that happen to stay in the Room. So yeah Temperature is definitely in an acceptable Range for me now. ^^

I’m definitely motivated to do Stuff, but not motivated enough to be creative. So I end up trying to learn more about Programming Stuff for when I’m making my Game. Such as deciding on how the Chunk System is gonna work.

I am likely going for the Octree kinda Chunk instead of an x³ Chunk, that way Objects can be larger and smaller than a Full Block is (making huge Empty or huge “Just-Unknown-Rock” Areas way more performant), and likely combine that with a Marching Blocks type Algorithm for Rendering, with a Resolution deep enough to make Microblocks possible too (They will be 32x32 in terms of MC resolution, but 1/64th the Block Size, so technically 8x8). This can make rendering reflective Surfaces also way easier.

Another Option for Chunks was 256³ sized Chunks, yes that fucking huge per Chunk, and a Shape System to have Slopes work fine that way. But Slopes do work with Marching Blocks too and a lot of times are way more suitable when submerging Blocks in Liquid, which is why I won’t go the Big Chunkus way.

Other Interesting News: Fuck Apple.
Obviously Apple Support on my end was a questionable thing for me already, I thought “well if it happens to work then fine, they can play on whatever OS they want”, but now Apple forces people to Register any Applications that run on their shit, and reinvents/abuses the word “notarizing” for it. I dont know if Apple finally allows Linux back on their Hardware, but last time I heard was that ONLY Windows 10 was allowed in Bootcamp. So good luck getting my Game to run on any recent Apple Devices, because all I can say is “Install Windows 10” to my knowledge.

Well there is no time like lunchtime, luckily I said all I wanted to say. XD