Some suggestions in Laser Welder


I think in GT6, laser welding machine will become a necessary machine after the era of high-voltage power. It is used to etch some more sophisticated electronic components. Do you plan to improve in the era of high-voltage power and beyond?

(Gregorius Techneticies) #2

Yes I plan on improving it, also you sure the Welder is the thing for Circuits? pretty sure the Laser Engraver is and that one already does something similar to that. And I do see the Engraver as capable to cut small pieces of Foil if needed.

(Mr.CHEN) #3

Maybe it can weld unwelded circuit boards, which can save a lot of tin… (Although tin is not very useful in the lategame)


About some new materials and their applications in HV, EV, IV
1 Graphene This is a very stable material. The high-voltage cable made of it can save half the amount of carbon black, and the resistivity decreases dramatically. In GT6, it can be used as a new material in the era of high-voltage power and ultra-high voltage. At present, GT6 is not available. Do you plan to add a process?
Natural graphite is oxidized to graphite oxide by using chemical reagents such as sulphuric acid and nitric acid, potassium permanganate and hydrogen peroxide, and then reduced to graphene.
2 2 Wafer is a silicon-based material used to fabricate chips and etch circuits on them. GT6 can have own wafer. I think it can also be used as a material for the GT6 high-voltage era and later technology lines. Used to make some chips. Silicon dioxide is refined, chlorinated with hydrochloric acid and distilled to obtain polycrystalline silicon. It can also be used as a more scientific production method for GC wafers.
Do you have some plans?

(Samuel Kloss) #5

I think Greg have plans for a bunch of things, but since hes coding alone, it will take quite a time.

(Mr.CHEN) #6

I think it can make the fabrication of crystal processors more complicated… Crystal processors are now the pinnacle of the GT6 techtree, and their production is somewhat too simple… The epoxy resin I mentioned earlier is a good suggestion to lock the techtree. There are also some other suggestions, such as the need for a cleanroom to prevent the crystal chip from being polluted by dust, or to make the crystal circuit complex…

(dnk1234567) #7

The synthesis of the machine itself is very simple.But their cores are laser devices.Not wafers or chips.
In GregTech4,there only one kind of laser,Mining laser gun in IC.It was used as red laser resource.As we all know,the red light can only carry less energy than other visible lights(E=hv).But it has unreasonable destructive power.

Then in GregTech5(also unofficial),this position was replaced by the item transmitter.It is based on voltage level,from LV to UV.From its recipe,it seems a kind of solid laser device(Or, to be precise, a semiconductor laser).Also it was used everywhere.In microwave ovens,it was used as Masqueser.In laser engraver,it is used as a laser.And in scanner,it was used to transmit a signal.May be a radio wave.(If I can invent this laser,I will earn a lot of money via this patent.) We even use the lens to change the laser’s color,instead of replacing a laser of another wavelength.The lenses are perfect optical components,NOT wavelength converters.This problem still exists in GT6.

In GregTech6,we have more advanced devices.Then the functions of lasers are separated.But there only have gas laser in item,without solid laser and others.Working equipment which can produce LU,only have CO2 laser(It cursed a serious problem,Carbon Dioxide laser cannot use fiber).And GT6’s HDD even use a helium laser,not a read and write head.Causing it more like a laser disc system,not disk.So I have some suggestions:

I think the the laser housing block itself is just an integrated body of chassis and power distribution.What is really useful is like GT6’s original item lasers.It can have a GUI which likes burningbox,also make the lasers cannot be stacked.You can use right-click to mount it in the shell and use shift+right click to unload it.Then give each kinds of lasers a wavelength or just call it color.The voltage only decide the light intensity.For example,if you use smaller wavelength and better materials,also a controller circuit,you can make better wafers in one machine.Reduced the relationship with voltage levels.You can use other recipes to improve the difficulty of laser.It also can get rid of the lenses.

If so,we need to add more lasers,such as solid laser,semiconductor laser,and FEL.Here are some lasers’s usage.
CO2:Metal cutting,heat-up
CO:Material processing,it is more refined because its smaller wavelength
He-Ne:flow rate measurement,code scanner,laser gyro
Semiconductor:scanner,printer,ultraviolet lithography,military,metal cutting,optical fiber transmission
Crystal(GT have added many crystals):Cutting and soldering, annealing of semiconductor materials, micromachining of electronic devices,nuclear fusion.
Free electron laser (FEL,it is so big that don’t suitable for item form):nuclear fusion,extreme ultraviolet lithography,isotope separation,plasma heat-up
Ar:Laser display, information processing and storage.
Kr:Xe:(Sorry,I have not been able to find out the purpose of both of them,you can still do it in GT6)

(Mr.CHEN) #8

I have an suggestion:illumination reactor for reactions that require light, such as reactions of methane and chlorine.

(Gregorius Techneticies) #9

Wait what?? That kinda thing exists??


A lot of reactions require certain kinds of light, UV is especially common. ^.^


I have a suggestion that most of the machines will be welded by welding machines in the voltage after LV. And high-level machines require at least the minimum energy of the previous level of laser welding machines. This will make the voltage grading of GT6 obvious!

(Gregorius Techneticies) #12

But there is no Voltage based Tiers, except for the amount of Power that is used. Sure GT6 is kindof a mess when it comes to the Tech Tree, but enforcing Welding wont really do much.


So what do you think about the voltage level confusion? 85% or even 90% of the prescriptions are at the lowest level, which sometimes makes us not want to upgrade the machine. Of course, we usually do it when we improve productivity. But after LV, the lowest energy level of GT6 formula is not obvious, which makes the latter part of GT6 feel that people do not know what to do (at least in terms of voltage upgrade).

(Mr.CHEN) #14

What I am concerned about now is the techtree above LuV… Do their components need special methods (such as assembly line) to produce? Perhaps the techtree of crystal processors should be locked with epoxy resin or cleanroom first…
I prefer to use laser welding circuit board. :wink:


Have you ever thought about adding some machine synthesis to the welding machine? It is not mandatory.

(Mikoto Ibaradzaki) #16

welding machine must crafts metall pipes, lol