Speiger Pregenerator and GT6 crash while pregenerating world



I don’t know if it is somehow my fault but even in singleplayer (localserver) and dedicated server using Speiger Pregenerator will crash at some random point, seems like it is pointing to GregTech but could be pregenerator itself or something else entirely. Also not sure if it is coincidence but starting pregenerator when on the server as player usually generates around 20k+ chunks then crashes while if you do it from server console it is 7.5k+ chunks so much sooner basically.
Used GregTech 6 version was 6.10.20, I will update to latest soon. Chicken Chunk Patcher 1.1 is installed.
Here is the crash report:

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This is a randomly happening Bug in Minecraft. I am not sure if @Speiger already fixed that one in some way, but it happens not only with GT6, so it’s not really my fault. I will message hi ma link to this.


I need to hire a dev for that that can fix these issues inside mc. This is outside of my range since i have no ability to do ASM myself.


Yeah thought so, classic minecraft development… because currently it is generating 80k+ chunks without any issues whatsoever. My only concern is if it will corrupt those chunks when the error happens or it is simply soft crash, from my understanding since it actually saves everything and the shuts itself down seems pretty non corruptive, I may be wrong on that?
I can live with it crashing few times if it is not making damage in the process :slight_smile:


Nope Chunk Pregen is designed to even if it crashes ensure that no data is lost or corrupted and that it can easily pick up from where it left of.


Good to know thanks for the fast replies guys, much appreciated! :slight_smile:

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so that can be marked as solved now.


Wow, fantastic work guys, thanks to everyone involved! :slight_smile: