Suggestion: Adding More Renewable Energy Devices

Suggestion: Adding More Renewable Energy Devices

In response to the Kyoto Protocol…(Okay that is not related…)

Seeing Greg is now moving on to Nuclear power, I suggest to add some more diverse energy producing devices, such as but not limited to:
1 Tide Energy Turbines: TE is great because it does not depends on weather, time, or season(maybe a little IRL). Many of the companies nowadays is IRL creating these things. They utilize currents in oceans. Multiblocks should be the best.
2 Wind Turbines: IC2 wind turbines are like shit(for their unreasonable low cost-efficiency ratio), so maybe you can add more realistic ones. Multiblocks should be the best.
3 Hydroelectric Plants: Maybe used in the river biomes?
4 Geothermal Plants: I really look forward to this one! They should likely absorb the geothermal heat and then boil water to produce steam. The absorbing method can be innovative, like molten salt in pipes. Maybe you can add a biome called Vocano to do this.

Thats all.

  1. Yeah maybe.
  2. Probably not because I dont really make those Rotor Models and Wind patterns. (to prevent enclosed Windmills)
  3. Yeah maybe too. XD
  4. We already have Lava Power Generation and infinite Lava Pockets at Bedrock, guess what Geothermal is. :wink:

Thanks for your reply!
And a little question: In which version are you going to release the nuclear reactors?


I dont know. You mistake me for a person with a detailed schedule. XD


3 There is waterwheel GT 6 addon.