Suggestions on some "useless" materials


(Mr.CHEN) #1

I found that some of the materials in GT6 are “useless”, they have no special purpose, nor are they ideal materials for tools. Some of them can be normally obtained, some can not be obtained, I think they have some possible uses…

Cerium: It can be obtained from bastnaesite or centrifugal rare earth. It is useless in GT5 and is not an ideal material for tools. It can make some special alloys and catalysts in reality, but GT6 does not seem to need these alloys…

Selenium: Byproducts of minerals such as cinnabar. Because GT printers don’t need selenium drums, I think it can be used to make higher tier solar panels…

Germanium: Byproducts of stannite and kesterite, GT6 does not seem to need germanium to participate in the more complex semiconductor industry… Maybe they can be used as photoelectric components and catalysts? (Germans should be able to do that)

Ruthenium and Rhodium: Maybe the best use of platinum mud or byproduct as an “expensive waste” is as a catalyst…

Sulfite: I don’t know what use it is… Maybe they can be used to restore? Sodium dithionite (commonly known as “insurance powder”) is a reductant, which can be used for bleaching and synthesis of thiourea, etc.

Pyrosulfate: They are not normally available, they are useless, and I don’t know why they are added… They seem to dissolve some metal oxides like persulfates.

(Donzil Zenovka) #2

Obviously we will find a use for them once we reach tier: SCI_FI_FUTURE_TECH. :grin:

but yeah, not all elements will have a significant use. Of course you know if they weren’t added someone would complain.

(Mr.CHEN) #3

Some Possible Reactions with Sulfide,Sulfate,Sulfite, Bisulfate and Pyrosulfate:
Potassium hydroxide + sulfur dioxide = potassium sulfite + water (I don’t know why potassium sulfite doesn’t have a recipe like sodium sulfite… )

Sodium/potassium hydroxide+sulfuric acid = sodium/potassium bisulfate+water (or sodium/potassium sulfate which may require a selector label to control the ratio of reactions… )

Sodium/potassium bisulfate + sodium/potassium hydroxide = sodium/potassium sulfate + water (although not useful, this reaction is really feasible)

Sodium/potassium sulfite + hydrogen peroxide = sodium/potassium sulfate + water (which can make sodium/potassium sulfite useful, perhaps adding a sulfur dioxide + hydrogen peroxide recipe to sulfuric acid like nitric acid)

Sodium/potassium bisulfate = drying = sodium/potassium pyrosulfate + distilled water (although sodium/potassium pyrosulfate is temporarily not good for use, but this reaction allows it to be available, is also a viable recipe… )

Hydrosulfuric acid + sodium/potassium hydroxide = sodium/potassium sulfide (I don’t remember if there’s any recipe… But at least hydrosulfuric acid can be used to make it useful, not just to recover sulfur from sulfur dioxide.