They made the EU Copyright Law Proposal even worse!

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The soon to be voted on EU Copyright Censorship Law will be worse than the last one!

Just so you know, if the bad parts of the Law that got barely stopped in July are still inside! Forums of any kind such as this one, will be illegal in Europe, because Copyright Liability! Wikipedia and many other Websites will die!

This will not only kill any artists (such as me) on the Internet, but now also Sports Fans of any kind! So please help as a fellow citizen of the Internet and tell them to stop fucking us over and spread this message as far as possible!

P.S. People should be able to reply to Announcement Posts now, and that without triggering a global Notification. If this is not the case then please tell me.

if this shit goes on I might need to use @OvermindDL1 s VPN to access my own Website…


The website updated the URL without adding a redirect for the old name, so I updated your post. :slight_smile:

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Small Update on the Situation.

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“I guess I need to find a way to make my Forums “Educational” now or something”
- Gregorius T

Hear hear, It’s time for discussions on chemical synthesis, oil distillation, and iron purification. Let us argue over proposed power systems and alternative energy solutions. We cheer for technological advancement both major and minor. After all, isn’t education the lynch pin to our chosen entertainment?

You needn’t worry Greg, we have you covered.

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Oh right I really need to post updates on that one, I wanted to wait that one or two days to see how that talk mentioned for the third trilogue turned out before saying something.

On other concerns, apart from the normal Internet being about to be essentially illegal in Europe, I should mention this Forums Server is hosted in Canada and by an American. I personally also use it as a free VPN whenever I need to (unless I confuse that with some other Server @OvermindDL1 has).

When I start making my own Game and give this place a proper Domain, it sure as fuck will be a Swiss Domain (.ch) if this Law ever comes to be.

And what I do could be considered Educational in some way, at least I showcase a lot of Tech that people might not be aware of how it works, and I do all of this for no money at all, apart from random tiny Donations.

Reminding me, dont worry about me if Patreon somehow falls apart in Europe because of this Law, I do have enough savings to survive for a while (not to mention the money I normally get because unemployed). Building up said savings is essentially the whole purpose of the whole Donation Stuff I have, apart from giving me the convenience that I dont need to do a bank transaction to PayPal whenever I buy something off the Internet.

The worst thing this Law can do to me is killing off the perfectly legal Youtube Channels that I like watching, though most of them are US based so the VPN would help, but they would still lose an awful lot of Viewers and therefore Money, when that happens.

I think Youtube would go for the same type of Geoblocking they do for the GEMA (German Music Industry Bullshit) to then block ALL Videos in Europe.

I really hate all this money, patent and copyright bullshit, I wish none of them were even concepts, that way without money there wouldn’t be an incentive to steal other peoples then no longer copyright protected content anyways…

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It’s really ironic. In mainland China, although network regulation is much more stringent than that of the EU, at least it won’t ask the stationmaster for money for censorship. After all, it’s the duty of the government in China. This shit bill is supposed to be something made by those damn capitalists in order to exploit the people. Maybe you can see Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels has a better understanding of things
Those damn politicians are really bored. They have no way to deal with the refugee problem that causes serious social security problems in the EU, but they are so concerned about these trivial matters.

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Oh there is even more fun parts, the Refugees are not actually behaving problematically by themselves, the real issue is that they HAVE TO commit crimes in order to be able to not go back to their home country, even if they have to stay in Jail! Because once you are at risk being rejected, you have to do something just to prolong your stay.

The real issue isn’t the Refugees it’s how shitty a lot of Countries and even the People treat them. And then there is a lot of racists who just want to make it worse for them.

If Germany for example got rid of the Bureaucracy that is there to ONLY manage unemployed people (and only unemployed ones) getting like 600 Euro a Month, that would be enough to literally give everyone (all the 81 Million people) in Germany a Universal Basic Income of 1000 Euro!

This is how messed up that shit is. They HAVE the Money to solve the Issues but they use it to make the Issues worse! Instead of reducing the bad parts they try to increase the “good” parts which in turn will go bad really really fast.

Most problems here are just made up bullshit, and I have not seen many things in the newspapers that talk about important things like the Environment or how to solve Problems, it is always about “This Minister is a bad person, why do we take MONTHS to get rid of him!?” or “That Minister said something scandalous, lets make a giant News Article about THAT and INSTANTLY get rid of him just for saying something bad by accident!”

There is not much good left in this world, and the rest will probably die with the Internet…

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Now even the Media Industry doesn’t want anything to do with Article 13!

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