They try everything to get through with banning Social Media, including the silencing of Protests!

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I hate having to do Announcements that regularly and about Stuff that doesn’t originate from me, but here we go with important Politics again:

Apparently the Conservatives and the Social Democrats want to reschedule the final Vote for the Copyright Directive to be 2 weeks earlier, which in fact also means that all the Protests that were supposed to happen before the Vote, are now absolutely meaningless and silenced.

And you have to actually get Permission to do a Protest ahead of time, so it is near impossible to actually get them re-permitted or even organized, within the ONE WEEK that they would have left, should this reschedule go through!

This is highly Antidemocratic, and must be stopped before it can happen!

I also found out about Article 12, which enables Publishers to steal even more rights from their Artists without any way to avoid it. Nobody has put attention to it so far, because Article 11 and 13 are even worse, but this is equally terrible for Artists in Europe, who just had their rights strengthened by Courts, because of Publishers exploiting them!

And ofcourse popular Newspapers barely ever mention the whole Copyright Directive, or they even spread lies about the Law itself, like Axel Springer does here in Germany.

If Article 11 or 13 somehow make it through, I will be forced to Geo-Block the entirety of Europe from the Forums, and I am German, if I didnt have a VPN in Canada I would Block myself by doing that. Should the Geo-Blocking happen, I will just put a Page explaining how to use a free Proxy or VPN to be able to access Sites while being inside of Europe, including the Forums ofcourse, because if I dont know you’re from Europe then I am not legally forced to block you.

Another short-term Loophole could be that “newer than 3 years”-Exception-Clause, since I dont make money and dont have many Users, I could be Geo-Blocking free for until July 2021. But I dont know how long Patreon will last with this.

I would rather have 2 more weeks of anxious waiting until the Vote at the end of March, than having this whole thing rushed to the point of maybe getting through by next week…

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I’m gonna add that one. Definitely Informative.

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At least they didnt get through with moving the vote, so back to waiting until March 25th. (instead of March 11th)

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And now they admitted that the Law was made to get rid of Platforms like Youtube and Facebook, sadly that wouldn’t happen to those two in particular (they both have their own Upload Filters already) but every other Platform like them including things like Patreon would have to close down their Business in the EU, in fact every Social Media in the EU would have to close down.

Freedom of Speech and everything would be removed from the Internet as a collateral damage the Conservatives and Social Democrats are willing to take.

When the Vote for the new European Parliament comes in May, I will definitely not vote any of them, still debating on whether I would go Greens or Pirates, likely the latter at least this time. Same for if they redo elections in Germany this year because of Merkel trying to leave her position.

I hate Politics, but shit is about to really hit the fan really hard and likely going to kill my livelihood, so I have to do this…


If you want some more ‘fun’, the idiot side of congress is trying to get an Article 13-like thing in the USA too, just started so hopefully that dies off fast…

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I don’t understand European politics. I think the Idea of the EU is a joke at best. Unless you all are a united nation, whats the purpose of making rules for eachover? Even a unified money seems odd considering you have nations like Greece who seem to collapse every now and again. then again, like i said above, i dont understand how it works over there.

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See it more like the United States of America, but for Europe. That is basically how it works, just without a President that can fuck you up as a single point of failure.


Also the main reporter on the artikel 13 topic (Axel Voss) just recently said that he has no problem with killing a platform like youtube.

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The problem we have here is pushing an old policy on new technology.

Youtube is not television, it’s not a one way stream of information. It’s a interactive medium, as is the Internet in general. concepts like copyright break when applied to a sea of digital communication.
What is suspected of copyright in one persons eyes is merely communication in digital form to another.

Should someone be found guilty of copyright when they recite lyrics to a song or repeat a quote?


The issue is that the guy is trying to get rid of the System that every TV/Audio Provider does, Even paper news provider use that concept, so with that line he is litterly saying: LETS GET RID OF ALL THE INFORMATION


Interesting talk about it, very calm and also putting new perspectives there.
Sadly only in german:


Again german only but may be translated soon. A analyzed version of what article 13 does:

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and here the evidence (in german)


The demo against Article 11/15 13/17 was saturday.
There were around 150k/200k people present in germany. Maybe even more.

On Sunday the CDU/CSU suggests that every single person got around 450€/500$ for attending from Google/Facebook/Amazon.

German option:
English option: (Not found)

Greg you could have attended like 4 of these and could have made like 1800€ tax free money xDDD

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Here is any option that CAN happen tomorrow, aka in 20 hours and 30 minutes from the time I posted.

The best options all include having to wait until after the elections in May.

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Speiger, Here is the English Option, kinda :wink:

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Incredible if the Liberals REFUSE to have a debate and just recommend to vote for the bullshit…

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