Using not matching burning boxes and boilers

(Alex Daum) #1

I noticed, that when using a dense bronze burning box (or a bronze fluidized bed BB) in combination with a titanium boiler, and a steel turbine, that the turbine alternates between speeding fast and slowly and creating lots of chunk updates.
This also happens when using another higher rated boiler with a dense bronze BB, however it works fine with a dense invar BB.

Is there some reason, why higher rated boilers don’t work right with a bronze burning box or is this a bug?

(Gregorius Techneticies) #2

This is intended, thing is if you use a too high burning box the Boiler will accumulate steam until it gets into the yellow range and emit more Steam to reduce the Pressure. If this wouldn’t happen, the Boiler would simply go into the red and explode.

What did you expect from using mismatching Power Levels? Anything productive? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Alex Daum) #3

I understand that, but I tried to do it the other way around, using a too strong boiler for the burning box. I had that one already and thought it may work, so might as well try it.


How to count a steam output per tick for a “boiler + burning box” system? I think so:
We have a boiler that converts 1 L of water into 160 L of steam using 80 HU and it’s feeded with 20 HU/t. So, the boiler gets 80 HU every 4 ticks and outputs 40 steam/t. Am I right?

(Alex Daum) #5

I thought so too, but apparently it makes a difference which boiler you use, since 96HU/t + Chromium Boiler (can convert 96HU/t) works fine, but 96HU/t + Titanium Boiler (can convert 112HU/t) does not.
I don’t quite understand why, but maybe we should only use exactly fitting boiler and burning box combinations

(Gregorius Techneticies) #6

Yeah if you use a too large Boiler, it wont even heat up properly to generate Steam in the first place. Always make sure you have the appropriate Size of Boiler for your Burning Box, otherwise Pressure wont build up right.