Well done, you got me


Should have been ready for it, but my ore processor outputs still had me scratching my head wondering how GT6 had updated without me…

Of course, looking at my storerooms, there were a couple of items that gave the game away: “Citrus Quartz”; “Boobnerite”; and, most ridiculous of all, something called “Aluminum”… Not falling for that one Greg!

(Gregorius Techneticies) #2

Go ahead craft one of the Metal Spikes. Those changed too. XD


I like that… Do they do bonus damage if you aren’t wearing anything in the feet slot?

(Gregorius Techneticies) #4

considering they can also do horizontal damage, no, they will just do the same damage as usual. Its April Fools, not “prank people to death”-day. So nothing meaningful will happen.

Also note that the April Fools joke lasts about 3 days, simply because otherwise I wouldn’t get as many people with it. XD


A possible variation for another year - a British three-pin plug… They have the advantage over Lego in that they are all fitted with a sophisticated srimech (self-righting mechanism) for maximum damage…


I still remember your old April Fools joke where you replaced all the blocks in the mod with troll faces. It was glorious

(SuperCoder) #7

glorious but also pretty annoying lol, i’m glad he doesn’t do that anymore :wink:

(Drag Den) #8

And, right about that date, I was building out of green shit bricks :smiley: