What is the way to recycle the circuits?

(Mr.CHEN) #1

I found that once the GT6 circuits was used to crafting, it could not be recycled. The material recycled by crucible or shredder did not contain the material of circuit. This may be because the advanced circuit can replace the lower circuit. But the circuit of GT6 is more troublesome to make. If we can’t recycle the old circuits, it will be wasteful. Will disassembler and other recycling circuits be added in the future?

(Gregorius Techneticies) #2

Yeah I think I will do some disassembler Recipe, but I dont know how I will do Circuts yet, I might add a dedicated “Used Circuit” Item that cant be turned into the Material it is made from, but still be used in Recipes.

(Mr.CHEN) #3

My idea is this: the circuit of disassembler is the lowest tier needed to crafting the machine. For example, if you use two T4 elite circuits to crafting LV CO2 laser, it will become two T1 basic circuits when disassembled, which can avoid some problems (such as stacking problems). Additionally, some recipes for assembling can be added.
In addition, I think the circuit industry is too simple now. Maybe the circuit production above LuV is more complicated…